Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ramadan Inward Mission. An overview of my Dubai visit

My suitcase arrives at Dubai airport.
Usually I only get to see it at a final destination.
This time, Dubai WAS my destination.
I would like to share some of the sights that caught my attention

Plenty of dessert in the desert.
Although I took lots of dessert images,
I stopped eating them for fear of a continuous "sugar rush".

My visit to the Aquarium at the Dubai Mall...

This tunnel is 48m long and the tank behind the acrylic
holds 10 million litres of water.

Smelling Oudh wood incense
during our visit to the Ajmal perfume factories.  

The "crane" is the National bird of Dubai.
Pre 2008, 25% of the world's cranes were based here.

Even though it was HOT and HUMID,
it can also be breezy

Partha, our Arabian Adventures guide for the duration of our stay.
This is some of what he had to say:

The view from the Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai

MORE desserts...

Fearless Kwandhare, about to take to the skies.

Dubai is spectacular when viewed from above.

These man made island are for sale.
There are already buildings on some of them

This says it all...
Sea on the left and desert on the right.

We got to visit a coffee museum in the historic old quarter
of Dubai

Just to prove that, aside from dessert, I did eat meat and vegetables.

Doing what the majority of Emirati did at Iftar.
Smoking Shisha...  

Dubai at night...
Seen from Neo's, 63rd floor, Address Hotel, Dubai Mall.

Goodbye to our hotel.
The wonderful Manzil Downtown Dubai,
home for the duration of our stay.

What is the collective noun for
"media on smartphones"?
Many thanks to the many people that I met and interacted with.
First and foremost, Lucy Mussett from Dubai Tourism SA.
Sanjay Bhoola,Senior Sales Manager -Corporate at Vida Hotels and Resorts
To Mikael Guckert, eCommerce Manager, Vida Hotels and Resorts, for tweeting my postings
Evarist Rego, Head, Marketing and Syed Zubair Haider,Sales at Ajmal Perfumes.
My wife loves her gift!
To Elana Pavliuk, Marketing and Communications Coordinator and Svenja Schindler, Lounge Manager at AT.MOSPHERE,Burj Khalifa
 for the sea meant a lot to me.
Partha and Rajesh, our guide and driver from Arabian Adventures.
If we were late to a destination, it was our were ahead of time, every time.
If you need a guide in Dubai, this company is highly recommended.
Stacey McMurtrie, Marketing and communications Manager
at the Palace Downtown Dubai for a wonderful, if somewhat quick meal.
Cameron and the team at Seawings...the highlight of my trip
Friederike Kelling, Senior Sales Manager at the Armani Hotel
for hosting a memorable lunch.
Our hosts at the Iftar meals and especially the one held at the
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding.
"Open Doors.
Open Minds".
And last, but by no means least to the Roses in the group...
In no particular order,
Justine,Megan, Barbara, Natalie and Aneeqah

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