Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Coffee Museum, Dubai

Breakfast of champions at my hotel?
I am not so sure, but I liked the "packaging"...

The home of the date!
There are dates offered with every meal.
It is also part of the traditional Iftar,
or "breaking the fast" meal during Ramadan

My "breakfast of champions"...

Even though Dubai is a "new" city,
this neighbourhood has been preserved to show tourists
what it used to look like before the building started to stretch skywards read correctly!

There is an awful lot of coffee in Brazil.
And some of it ended up in Dubai

Our host for the tour.
Hear what she had to say:

This ancient coffee roaster was actually working.

Many of us have coffee bean grinders at home.
But certainly NOT like this one.

Some of the ancient grinders on display

All sorts of coffee memorabilia on display

The forerunner of the modern day flask as we know it?

A coffee set on display.
Just one of several that I saw

This local was having a "light bulb" moment.

Some of the items that visitors can get to see.

This fellow spent our entire visit on his mobile.
Never interacted with our group and only moved
when he got up to check the coffee

This was "our" coffee.
It tasted more like herbal tea than coffee.

Looking skyward...

This lady was making Ethiopian coffee...
but unfortunately we did not get to taste any of her brew. 

There is a coffee shop on the upstairs floor

Coffee and dates instead of sugar.

The South African media group .
From L to R...
Barbara, Aneeqah, Natalie, Lucy, Justine and Megan
And they had this to say:

There is a gift shop that sells a variety of
coffee related products.
If you enjoy your coffee then a visit to
this museum visit is a must.


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