Thursday, July 16, 2015

Well spotted! Leopards galore at Inyati Game Reserve

THIS is what visitors to Sabi Sands come to see...
This youngster is around 15 months old.
It lazed in the tree for the longest time before deciding to come down.
It is one of the cubs that belong to Thlangisa.

And these are the "latest" additions...
They are( when this picture was taken) about 12-15 weeks old.

This is their mom...Xikhavi.
At 9 years old she has unfortunately not been able to successfully raise a litter.
I am hoping that her current litter will make it to adulthood

Even though they are very young, and mom was watching,
they did not seem to be disturbed by our vehicle.

Already it is easy to see who the dominant cub is...
Currently, as yet, the rangers have not been able to sex them

"Mommy, what big teeth you have"!



Meanwhile, in another part of the park,
dinner was being served.

This male had made a kill earlier in the day
and was keen to keep other predators away

One quick look back at us,
and he blended back into the grass.
This is the first "proper" sighting that Keith had had.He believed that this was "Homelite",
named after a brand of chainsaw...for obvious reasons.
Usually skittish, and defensive when approached by a vehicle,
it seemed that his full tummy made him more relaxed.

This is the young female that we had seen before

She was following a scent trail that had been left by a large male the day before

This is that male...
Dewane...a truly beautiful boy

We followed him for quite a distance

He was not hindered by our vehicle
and in fact walked close by it on several occassions 

A great sighting...


Sunset...and a time when leopard come into their own

Listen to what the GM of Inyati, Keith Jenkinson had to say
about some of the leopards on their property:
This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...


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