Monday, August 24, 2015

GIG, a first of its kind in Linden.

In a first for Linden,
this event was recently held on the sports field of the local primary school.

Considering the fact that there had been a wonderful
Highveld thunder storm the night before,
the skies, on the day, were clear with not a cloud to be seen.
The MC for the program, Hendrik van Deventer
and joining him in praise, Danielle Petzer.

The event started at 13h00, and, as I had to be at another event,
I could not stay long.

This was a first for me.
A blessing for the first act before they began...

Audio doing what they do best...
If there is a problem, it is ALWAYS the sound department that gets the blame.

Opening act, Helene & Cobus Bester.
A great set with some thought provoking lyrics

A view of the early audience from the stage.
I am certain that the venue filled up during the course of the afternoon
and early evening

Either he worked through the night to set up the stage,
or he was overcome by emotion.

Some of the youngsters in the "Golden Circle" area

Not all were sitting quietly,
several were burning off extra energy

Mum was keeping a watchful eye on Junior

Young and old were in attendance.

The pancake/pannekoek truck attracted the most attention,
and had the longest queue for the entire time I was there.
I did not get to sample any of the food...unfortunately.

Bilingual signage...
But what about the other 9 official languages?

In case people needed some "help" or became overwhelmed,
this "task team" was on hand to help out with prayer.

Normally there is a star on the Green Room door.
Here it is a cross and a green tent that had to suffice

"Can I have an amen?"

This young girl read a passage from the scriptures
and then went on to explain what it meant to her

See, women can multi-task...

Chris Chameleon was act number two.
As I was heading off to an awards ceremony,
I was unable to stay but if what I witnessed was anything to go by,
then the rest of the event must have been awesome

The reason for holding this GiG event
was to raise money for this church,
the Gereformeerde Kerk,
on the corner of 3rd Ave and 7th Street, Linden.
They have a program that is run from the grounds
and the funds from the event will bolster the work that they do.
Well done to all concerned.
And I have to make mention of the community in Linden,
for NOT filling Facebook with negative comments.
This is how a suburb should be behave...

This posting is brought to you DESPITE
Eskom load-shedding...


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