Friday, August 14, 2015

Gonk...welcome to Linden

Every home needs one of these in the garden...
Only from GONK!

A new shop has recently opened in Linden,
opposite the Spar in 4th Avenue.
Called GONK( a combination of the names of the owners)
it is a eclectic, over-the-top shop with something for everyone.

I forgot to ask what these packages actually contain,
but given the nature of the goods(and goodies) on offer,
I am certain that they will make great gifts.

Bears, bunnies and blikkies of goodies to eat...

When last have YOU seen a jar full of Humbugs?
I did not even know that they were still being made.
Brought back memories of MY childhood.

Non gender specific ginger bread biscuits.
A taste of things to come?

More rabbits than you can throw a stick(or a carrot) at.

Bow-ties are making a comeback,
or so I was reliably informed...

A magnifying glass...a great gift.

Scarves of all colours.

GONK has a variety of these "projects in a tin" on offer.
And from what I witnessed during my visit,
they are very popular with customers

Looking for string?
Found it, but don't have a scissors?
Here you can buy both at the same time.

Gardening gloves and apron...

The signature range on offer.
But only if you like rabbits!

These clocks are really cool...

This little tea service would brighten the day of any girl or boy

And by the same token, so would this farmyard.
There ARE women farmers.

Most of the sweets have been colour coded on shelves.
Here they mingle to prove that they are part of our Rainbow Nation?

MORE bunnies!

This is a really cool range of earrings.
I particularly like the VW Combi set.

Getting in, or trying to get out?
Visit and browse, something is bound to catch you attention.
Welcome to "onse dorpie" Gerhardt and Kosie.
I hope that you stay will be long and profitable. 


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