Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gravity attracts us back for a return visit.

Thanks to "Scratch" the lower part of 4th Avenue in Linden
is really looking STUNNING!
Well done to Roy and his team

Although I do not take either sugar or cream in my coffee,
this sign at Gravity caught my eye.

When Gravity first opened back in February,
I was one of the first customers.
Having recently read a rather disparaging review
by a disgruntled customer,
my wife and I decided to pay another visit.

Although most of the decor has remained constant,
there have been additions, like this table and chairs.

Many of the products can be bought from Heather at her shop next door.

Rather than having a "themed" interior,
the restaurant is an eclectic mixture of furnishings and styles.
That being said, the mix does work really well.

Pallet wood seems to be the "decor du jour",
but its use here compliments the rest of the design

Anyone missing a Jag hubcap?
If you can be found on the wall at Gravity.

How many of us wanted to hop in one of these VW Combis
and head off to the beach?

This windmill makes me feel like we are living in a small
town in the middle of  the Karoo.
NOT in the urban sprawl of a major city like Johannesburg.

But, we were not here to review the decor...
food needed to be tasted.
But first, one of the fresh juices on offer.
This one combined beetroot, fennel, pineapple and orange.
Named Funk Juice, it is one of  four freshly squeezed offerings.

My wife's choice.
Mozzarella cheese, basil, rocket, tomato and pesto on seed bread with a side salad
(chips are an option instead of the salad).
Diners have a choice of white, brown or rye bread.
Her ratings...Full marks for presentation, taste and portion size.
As an aside, please check your stock of Olive Oil.

My lunch...
The "humble" burger and chips...
And I suppose that the slice of cucumber and tomato
could be classed as a "salad"...

But for me it is all about the chips.
And here Gravity have got it spot on.
No bought in or packaged product.
The chips here are hand cut and parboiled before being fried
and served to waiting customers.
My rating...full marks for presentation, taste and portion size.
That being said, I did have to fight of my wife's wandering hands
as she tried to steal some of my chips.
By the way, these are not "slap chips"
but more crisp on the outside and soft inside.
Full marks to Chef Kenneth and his staff.

I was not going to have dessert.
Although this carrot cake did look appealing.

Then I saw THIS...
All hail the glorious lemon meringue pie!

And so we had to end our meal with a cappuccino...

and a slice of the aforementioned pie.
Note to other establishments...
Please see the ratio of meringue to lemon pie filling...
Some coffee shops believe in serving a slice that has a beehive of meringue,
and a slither of filling.
NOT how it should be made.

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