Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Orejen...a bit of this and that

What is the date today?
I wonder why those clowns are so happy...
Another trip down memory lane for me

Not the heart of darkness...
The heart of a piece of Oregon pine...
You can count the rings if you wish,
suffice to say that this piece of wood is no sapling!

If you need some "build-in" decoration,
look no further.
Nothing goes to waste at Orejen.

This light fitting could be from a bygone era.

Hanging its head...
An "old-school" light given a new life.

Like the flying ducks on the wall(that I have at home)
you either like stained glass or you don't.
And I do!

One of the bathrooms at the shop.
If you need a bathroom cupboard made to size,
Orejen can do that...

An interesting toilet roll holder.

They have put old cutlery to very good use.
Very different type of "wind chime"

If you want to know what these are,
pop in and ask Jennifer to show you.

Hanging around.
Every house needs at least one of these.

Every conceivable surface and hanging space is filled
with merchandise or one description or another.

Decorative and useful?

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

A wall full of toilet roll holders...


All sorts of hardware is available for you windows, doors and drawers

Brass, metal and glass...

Very colourful...

And my favourite...
I figure that I have Irish blood somewhere in my family tree.


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