Friday, August 7, 2015

Orejen...its an addiction!

If you don't have the time,
then Orejen is NOT the place for you!
The shop, like a fine wine, needs to be savoured and enjoyed.
Certainly not an "in-and-out" destination.

This little piggy is hand made in India.
There are several other domesticated animals in the collection.

Inspiration knows no bounds here.
The only limitation is your imagination.
If they don't stock it,
they can make it for you

Painted or plain.
The shop stocks them


I really like this.
When I told my wife, her answer was
"What are we going to do with is"...
At Orejen, you don't need a REASON to have a piece,
just a place to put it.

Making a colour statement.

Knobs by the container full.
If you cannot find it here,
it does not exist

The sign says it all

When last did you see one of these?

There are several rooms...
all which beg to be explored.

Orejen have a stock of doors.
With and without stained glass inserts

Hopefully you would like this...
if you do not suffer from arachnophobia.

We are about to start some renovations at our house.
This is Phase 1
We got rid of our chip board bathroom cupboard...

And replaced with this bespoke piece!
We were able to re-purpose the vanity slab as well as the basins.

This will be Phase 2.
All our steel windows will be replaced with
hand-crafted Oregon Pine ones made by Orejen.
A bold move on our part.
A word of warning then.
First you will buy a small item, like a door knob,
which is how we started!
And before you know it you are hooked.
The best kind of addiction.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great article, I could not have said it better myself!! I went to Orejen today to buy the most beautiful cup handles and walked out with an old mailbox, toilet and towel rails, door sign, paints and a stencil to name but a few! Awesome shop with the warmest welcome from Jen, will be back next week to pick up the rest of my handles and will probably walk out with half the shop again! :-)