Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wriggly Tin...another new arrival in Linden

This week I discovered not one but two new retail shops in our suburb.
Although both are in 4th Avenue, they are at opposite ends of Linden.
Wriggly tin ( named for what the British called corrugated iron)
had an unfortunate start as they were broken into before they even opened.
Not to be deterred, Jody Foxcroft has carried on regardless.

Seeing that they operate a goat farm in the Magaliesberg,
it is only natural that the owners have made use of their flock
to produce a range of "goat" products.
There is something for everyone.
Is Dad looking for a new shaving soap?
You will find it here.
I am not too certain of the "old-fashioned" razor though.

If you are going to be using the soap,
then you have to but a shaving brush as well.

Need something to brighten up a guest loo/bathroom?
This might look like fudge, but is is actually soap...
if the label is to be believed.

OK, not all the soap is made from "goat"...
This one is made from BEER.

Handcrafted and packaged soap makes for a great gift.
And very reasonably priced.

Battling to get junior to use soap in the bath?
I am certain that this will prove very effective is sorting out that issue.

And if the "play doh" does not work,
then these definitely will.
I can even see adults playing with these ducks.

This gift package certainly looks like the contents could be edible.

Aside from the Wriggly Tin Farm products,
the shop also offers honey and bee products
from an eco-friendly company in Cape Town/

Beeswax has a variety of uses in the home.

Pumice stones for those rough winter heels
and a natural deodorant that will keep you fresh
but not smelling like you have used air-freshener.

For those who enjoy a bath,
then the shop has several products on offer.
Using one of these is a great way to unwind after a tough day

Need something for a special occasion?
Wriggly Tin can make bespoke labels and products for you.
Personally, I think these are a much better gift than chocolate
But for all I know, perhaps there is a chocolate made from goats milk.

Making you feel wonderful all over.
And in the process you are supporting local Linden shops.

More bath "goodies".
And when the contents are finished, they can be re-purposed.

More bee products...

I am VERY pedantic about my choice of  lip balm.
I have just started using this product and find it to be excellent.

Hand made, made to order wire products.
Again a great gift.
Christmas is just around the corner,
so now would be a good time to start stocking up on presents
for family and friends.

My wife LOVES these...
And I am certain that YOU will as well!

Their farm is open to the public
who can visit and try a variety of different activities,
like learning to milk a goat!
To find out more about what is on offer:


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