Thursday, September 17, 2015

Final day in Istanbul...we bid this city a fond farewell.

This was our final view as we left Cappadocia,
bound for the local airport and our flight back to Istanbul.
I was told that the limit is 150 balloons...

We arrive back at the Recital Boutique Hotel.
And we get our "old" room back

My wife and I decide to take a walk around the city,
this time without a guide!

We return to the "scene-of-the-crime"...
We bought a carpet that we were not expecting to buy.
This was the fellow that sold it to us...Mesut Sardag.
What a great salesman he was.

Kwandhare's bride, Mischka out doing some shopping at
Jennifer's Hamam.
Her store sells a variety of hand woven cotton items.

An easy landmark to find...
Cemberlitas Column, quite close to the Grand Bazaar

A portion of the Nuruosmanjye Mosque

The bustling Grand Bazaar.
A shopping mecca for tourists of the cruise liners.

We were here 15 months ago...
And I was able to find it without asking directions!

One of the owners of the "Cashmere House" with Carolyn,

Looking a bit like some of the renovated homes in District 6, Cape Town.
This is actually a restaurant.

Many of the world famous wooden houses of Istanbul are currently
getting make-overs.

No sooner had I taken a picture of this door,
than it opened to let a tenant out.
We were both caught by surprise

One of the lesser frequented Bazaars in the area.
This was close to our hotel and the quality of the goods on offer
were far superior to those at the Grand Bazaar

Here at least shoppers can walk without being jostled.
Be aware that the vendors can be just as insistent

This might be the reason that the owners and shoppers here are chilled,
Sisha pipes ready for "action"...

We popped in to "Troy" rug store.
The owner, Mustafa CESUR gave us a quick lesson in kelims

And always with tea...
The light colour is Apple tea...

Our final dinner in Istanbul.
A Durum doner Kebab at the famous Sedef Buffe.
Most delicious...

This is where we stayed during our visit to Istanbul.
We returned to this hotel for our final night in Turkey.
Returning from Cappadocia we were welcomed like family.
The staff are really friendly and the hotel is centrally situated,
which makes walking around the city very easy.
At the final breakfast we were "surprised" by the chef
who made us a delicious omelette.
Highly recommended!

Although we have been utilizing the services of Medhills Travel during our stay,
we decided to wander the city on our own one last time.
Istanbul is easier to navigate that expected, although the vendors can be rather insistent.
But, then,what a surprise...
I heard my name called and turned around to find Polat!
He was our guide when we first arrived in Istanbul.

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