Thursday, September 17, 2015

Matis carpet shop in Cappadocia.

This little ADHD kitten greeted us every morning of our stay
at MDC Cave Hotel.
Here she is seeing us off as we leave on our tour...

All these buildings are carved out of stone!

This lady was selling hand-made dolls outside the restaurant
where we had lunch.
Of course my wife bought one.

Time to visit a carpet factory...
If you visit Turkey and do not have this planned
then you will miss out.
Ismail was our guide/carpet salesman for
our time at Matis

The best and most expensive carpets are made of silk...

This is how they begin

It must be boring/repetitive work,
but the woman did have a smile...
perhaps it was for my camera?

Spun together the threads are stronger than steel

The carpet is also flame resistant.
This is a finished silk carpet.

They also weave with wool and cotton.

When people ask why these carpets are SO expensive,
the answer becomes obvious when you see the amount of labour
that is required to make one.
Some of these can take 5 years to complete.

It is usually women who weave.
The men do not have the patience or the dexterity
 to make such fine items.

Giving the carpet a "haircut"...

The pattern on the head-scarf is almost repeated in the carpet

Put them on the floor, use them as cushions
or hang them on a wall

Hard at work...

Part of one of the showrooms in the building...

The passages become showrooms

as do the stairs

Product lining the walls,
waiting for buyers...

Carolyn wanted a blue carpet that is found in the Cappadocia area.
And she found it!
The carpet is now next to her side of our bed
and she gets to admire it EVERY day.
A big thank you to Husunu Bulut for helping us.
To find out more about the company,
visit their website:

We are utilizing the services of Medhills Travel during our stay.

Our guide during our stay in Cappadocia was Oguzhan Turkoglu
He was funny, informative and he was also well versed
on the countries of the tourists that he was hosting!
Made the group feel more that just paying customers.
This is what he had to say about the region and what is on offer:

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Matis Cappadocia said...

We are more than happy to see you leaving Turkey with great memories. Thank you.
Ismail Duran & Husnu Bulut
Matis Cappadocia