Friday, September 25, 2015

My traveling companions in Turkey...

No, this is NOT Paul...
THIS is my wife, Carolyn...
The chair belongs to a restaurant in Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport

The new couple...
Kwandhare and his fiancee, Mischka...
And my Samsonite suitcase at the airport in Istanbul

A couple of the security guards at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul
get to meet my hares.

Taking a break while I take pictures.

Time for a drink...

I will pay for this...

Once again the rain caught us at the Hagia Sophia.

Inside the Blue Mosque.

Hares in his hair...
One of the waiters at "Cheese" in Istanbul.

Our favourite building in Istanbul.
Hagia Sophia.

We bought a carpet from Mesut...
and he too got to meet Mischka

Mischka spend a day shopping.
This was one of her purchases...

Carolyn in the Underground City

The building in the background is carved entirely out of soft rock!
Truly amazing

Carolyn enjoying some of the rock formations near Cappadocia

This is Chez Galip
He has a hair museum...I have Hares...meeting!
He is an internationally acclaimed potter and we got to visit his studio,
and purchase one of his "collectors" pieces.

Food. glorious food.
Along the shores of the Bosphorus River in Istanbul.
Street food at its best.

One of the best counter agent we have ever dealt with.
He even gave our luggage "PRIORITY" status.
Did not help mine as it was left behind in Dubai on our return leg.
All credit to Emirates staff in Johannesburg,
they got it delivered to my door just a few hours later.

We met Lyn in Istanbul,
and she ended up seated next us us on the flight from Turkey to Dubai.
A great conversationalist...and of course, she got to meet the hares.

We are utilizing the services of Medhills Travel during our stay.

On our first day in Cappadocia, our guide was Oguzhan Turkoglu
He was funny, informative and he was also well versed
on the countries of the tourists that he was hosting!
Made the group feel more that just paying customers.

Medhills Travel is an accredited member of this Agency

This is where we stayed during our visit to Istanbul.
We returned to this hotel for our final night in Turkey.
Returning from Cappadocia we were welcomed like family.
The staff are really friendly and the hotel is centrally situated,
which makes walking around the city very easy.
At the final breakfast we were "surprised" by the chef
who made us a delicious omelette.
Highly recommended!

We stayed in this "cave hotel" in Cappadocia.
The MDC Cave Hotel is certainly different, but for all the right reasons!
Friendly staff, great accommodation and wonderful food.
Highly recommended.


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