Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our arrival at the MDC Cave Hotel, Cappadocia and we visit a Whirling Dervish ceremony

This "cave hotel" in Cappadocia is certainly different.
I had no idea what to expect...

The main lounge area, situated above the dining room
and just off from the reception

The view from our balcony...
Truly breath-taking

I certainly did not expect to find a wagon here.
But I have seen several in the area,
so they must have a significance.

The central part of the hotel

This was the Bat cave...
A seating/tv room

The bedroom...
Although it has no windows,
it was certainly not claustrophobic

Air circulates via the "chimney" in the roof

The "honeymoon" couple testing out the towels

Not only did we have a shower,
but a Jacuzzi bath as well!

There is an outdoor seating area that is shared by the four rooms
on this level

And we have working Wi-Fi...
My wife checking her phone.

A view from the terrace above our room

The dining area...guests can sit inside or out,
depending on the weather

The main reception area,
with a very friendly guest relations manager, Zulal Uz.
She was a mine of information and extremely helpful

Pirate, the hotel dog...playing hard to get.
He is actually VERY friendly and is on hand to welcome new arrivals

One of the stone columns in the dying light

Live music is on offer with dinner at the hotel.
To find out more about the hotel:

After dinner we went off to experience this
Whirling Dervishes Ceremony at Carevanserai.
The major part of the 45 minute "show" is religious,
and photography is not permitted.
However, at the end of the ceremony,
photographs are allowed.
This was an experience that I am glad I experienced.
If you are going to be visiting the area,
make a visit to Saruhan a "must see" event
To find out more:

Listen to some of the music...

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