Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our 'Circle Istanbul' exciting way to see this wonderful city.

This is the way that our day started.
Kwandhare and his new bride got to meet this lovely lady at breakfast

And what a breakfast it was...
Our Circle Istanbul tour group enjoyed this at a restaurant called "Cheese".
There was a lot more, but it vanished faster than I could take pictures

You can find these carts on almost every corner in the city.
They serve pretzels, corn-on-the-cob
as well as roasted chestnuts.

There are LOTS of disused buildings in Istanbul.
Some of them date as far back at the 15th century.
Unfortunately, many of them are in a state of disrepair.

I decided that instead of focusing on "tourist sights" only,
I would add some local flavour.
This woman was enjoying a meal with some friends

My wife, Carolyn, with one of the MANY cats
that the inhabitants look after

Trying to read the bus time table.
I would have liked to help, but she spoke no English...
and I speak no Turkish

There is colour in the city...

This island, built in the 19th century is called "Suada" 
or "Galatasaray Island" 
 Situated on few huge rocks it is used as restaurant, cafe, bar and
it even has a swimming pool!

A bridge too far?
Not only does it span the Bosphorus Sea,
but it joins two continents!

We stopped off to have coffee and snacks with this wonderful couple.
Muradiye and her husband Mehmet,
 live in the Kurucesme neighbourhood.
Although both are retired, she still works as a tailor.
In fact, she made the outfit her own outfit.

One of the staff on the cruise that we did.
We were able to get to see both shores of the Bosphorus up close.

Some of the homes on European side defy description...
and pricing!

A female Gull getting out of the way

The last time I saw a balloon vendor was four years ago in Vietnam

Looking back from the Asian side.
This was a truly impressive castle

Now I know where Santa Claus is when he is NOT
out delivering toys...

Our guide took us to the local flea market for pancakes.
By the look on this chap's face, he might have liked one as well

This lady worked at getting out as much juice as possible.
Hard work, and I hope that she was well rewarded

Small boys and pigeons...
Go figure.

We found Fidel Castro in a Turkish Delight shop.
He was most willing to pose for a picture.

This is where we stayed during our visit to Istanbul.
We were surprised by the quality of the food and the staff.

We are utilizing the services of Medhills Travel during our stay.
Our tour guide for our first couple of days of the tour.
Polat Korkmaz was a great guide for what was a long day!
He never rushed us or lost anyone.
And there was food so often that I was glad that we were walking! 
Highly recommended!

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