Monday, September 14, 2015

Our "Circle Tour"...Istanbul, but NOT as the tourists see it

Someone looked happy to see our tour group

One of the MANY cats that we came across.
The cats are sterilized, and neutered
and then released into the city where the locals take care of them.
Although they are "feral", they are mostly friendly
and love interacting with people

All the balcony railings are white...
except the blue one!

"I'm forever blowing bubbles",
or the Turkish equivalent

Late afternoon sky over Istanbul

The inside of one of the public toilets.
Most of these require payment.

This rather interesting "wrap",
was called a Chicken breast pudding...

Some of the locals in one of the conservative
neighbourhoods that we walked through

This little fellow totally missed the ball.
But he did fall over well,
which means that he has a future in professional football

The red school and part of the skyline in the fading light

Almost dinner time.
Even late at night the city is still busy.

This fellow was doing some sort of arm exercises.
Or perhaps he had an invisible barbell...

My wife loves dolphins.

This tiny little space is a restaurant.
I have a suspicion that there is a larger
seating area upstairs

This is where we stayed during our visit to Istanbul.
We were surprised by the quality of the food and the staff.

We are using the services of Medhills Travel on this trip.
Our tour guide for our first couple of days of the tour.
Polat Korkmaz was a great guide and very patient.
Highly recommended!

Medhills Travel is an accredited member of this Agency

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This is what our tour group had to say...


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