Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our first day in Istanbul, Turkey

On our previous trip to this wonderful city,
we were on a cruise from Italy.
So our arrival at the Ataturk International Airport was a first.

Our Samsonite luggage paled into insignificance next to
this larger version!

The international language says
" But officer, I only stopped for a moment"!

The view from the roof of our hotel...

One of the many hotels in the area where we are staying

I really enjoy the various exposed brickwork that I discovered
on my first evening walkabout 

A cup of Turkish tea to start the day

A view of the Hagia Sophia

Even the youngsters are becoming accomplished photographers 

The guards at the Topkapi Palace were keen to meet
Kwandhare and his new "bride" Mischka...
Both of whom created quite a stir.

Fish in the underground waters of the Underground Cistern.
This was an eye-opener for me and well worth a visit.

Make a wish and it will come true...
By placing your thumb in this hole,
and revolve your hand in a circle...

The Blue Mosque,
as seen from the Hagia Sophia.

One of the most breath-taking experiences of our day.
We got to re-visit the Hagia Sophia.
This building is overwhelming in its beauty and sheer size.
Allow yourself at least an hour to visit...

Tourists will bend over backwards to get the "shot"...

This is Jennifer Gaudet, a Canadian from Alberta that 
has been in Turkey for the past nine years.
She is passionate about restoring the local Turkish weavers
to their former glory...
and her product range is testimony to this
Her story can be found via her website,
and you can hear what she had to say via this link:

The reception of the hotel that we stayed at.

The staff at breakfast...
Kenan, Hussein and Umut

This is where we stayed during our visit to Istanbul.
We were surprised by the quality of the food and the staff.

We will be utilizing the services of Medhills Travel during our stay.
How did they perform?
I will update during the duration of the adventure
with an overview of their performance at the end of the trip
Our tour guide for our first couple of days of the tour.
Polat Korkmaz was a great guide and very patient,
considering we stopped for shopping
and photographs VERY often.
Highly recommended!

Medhills Travel is an accredited member of this Agency


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