Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Turkish vendors that we can recommend.

I found this picture in a small art shop near our hotel.
Although the owner spoke no English
and my Turkish is non-existent,
we were able to communicate and make several purchases.
The shop is called Yavuz & Selim,
and it is down the road from the Recital Hotel where we stayed.
Ask your hotel concierge for directions.
Well worth a visit, with reasonable priced hand made items on offer

Our final Turkish ice-cream at the Istanbul Airport.
These vendors can be found all over Istanbul and have
an interesting sales "pitch".
Turkish ice cream is very different to most ,
so give it a try...and prepare to be entertained 

We discovered the Arasta Bazaar...
well away from the crowds at the Grand Bazaar.
And with a better range of hand-made products.

We bought a robe from this store.
As we were the first customers that morning,
I was told not to hand my money to Fehmi,
but to throw the money on the floor as a sign of good luck
and increased sales for the store.
We were given a bar of hand-made soap as a gift.

My wife bought me this piece of pottery from this store in the Arasta Bazaar.
Made by ceramic artist Turgut Tuna,
whose aim is to bring the past techniques into the present
We had to wait for a while for the store owner to arrive
as the soccer team he supports had not fared well the previous evening.

Turkish delight and various teas...
 the likes of which we had not seen before.
Vacuum packed for us to bring home.
But be aware, Yusuf Akbulut, is a VERY good salesman.
The shop is called Paradise Spices and it too is in the Arasta Bazaar

We were NOT going to buy a carpet.
However, Mesut Sardag was persuasive and
we came home with a beautiful example in our hand luggage
Pay them a visit, you will not be dissapointed.
But make certain that you have at least an hour to dedicate to the experience.

Another MUST VISIT emporium...
Jennifer's Hamam...
This ex-Canadian has run her shops successfully for the past 6 years.
She has two stores in the Arasta Bazaar(look for the Canadian flag in the window)
And if neither has what you want, ask to be taken to the showroom.
Three floors of hand woven masterpieces that will have you emptying
your suitcase to fill with her products.
If you trust your postal service, she will ship it for you.
Again another store where you WILL need TIME.
We visited TWICE...
Highly recommended.

No, this is NOT Professor Phillip Tobias.
This is the owner of a store that sold PROPER HAND-MADE
Turkish delight and jams.
The shop is called Yildiz Lokum

Street food at its best...
He has taken over where his father left off.

More street food...
Polat, our guide, on the right, specifically brought us to this
"purveyor of fine street food", Emin Usta (Master Emin)
A fish "snack" along side the Bosphorus.
The "wrap" is called Balik Ekmek
The fish are caught elsewhere and then served to locals and tourists alike.
If you are looking to sample the street food, either ask your guide,
or if alone, look where the locals buy.

Mussels sold on a street corner by Kemal
I did not try, but those who did said they were excellent.

Aside from carpets, the Cappadocia region
is home to Chez Galip pottery studio.
Situated in Avanos, we got to meet the master himself.
The piece that Carolyn is holding with him,
now hangs on our bedroom wall.

Ismail at Matis, Cappadocia..
and before you ask...we bought a second carpet!

Address: Keseciler Caddesi No 49, Kapalıçarşı, Fatih, 34126, Turkey
We visited this shop in the Grand Bazaar in 2014
and on our recent return visit the owner remembered us.

Well to be specific he remembered this tattoo of mine...
It is the only store that we bought from while in the Grand Bazaar.
We found this market far too busy,
especially when there are cruise ships in the harbour

We enjoyed a glass of tea with Mustafa Cesur
at TROY rug store in the Arasta Bazaar.
We had bought some small items from him
and we did look at some of his Kelims...
but it was our final day and we were uncertain
of how much space we still had in our suitcases.

If you are in Istanbul, then you HAVE to try
a Doner kebab.
Not quite the same as we get here in South Africa,
but delicious and filling.

On our final walk though Istanbul we bumped into Polat,our guide,from
earlier in the week...
What were the chances.
As you can see, Carolyn was happy to see him.
Our tour had been booked with this company
and we were extremely happy with the service that we received from them,
the quality of the guides they supplied and the accommodation that they booked.


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