Thursday, October 1, 2015

Andy's Acoustic Forum. September 2015

The September edition of Andy's Acoustic Forum
was a challenge for me.
Because Marks Park had installed a new lighting system...
that was not totally functional.
This left me with very few photographic opportunities.
But I tried to make the best of a "bad" situation
and get creative...
So here goes...

First up...always a difficult slot,
and the honour this month went to Micah Miles

Andy "discovered" him when Micah
brought in a broken guitar to be repaired...

He is a self taught, flamenco style guitarist.
A great opening to what turned out to be a good evening

When I last saw Donna Riley it was a few years ago...
and she was blonde!

Although she told me after her set that she had not played for a while
her talent carried her through.

And it was during her set that I started to get creative
withing the limiting parameters of the lighting

Moving to the music...

Josie Field has eyes on the side of her head,
and not at the back...

In profile...

A newcomer to AAF...
THIS is Carri Wolfe.

I certainly enjoyed her talent,
and I do hope that Andy brings her back again,
in the not too distant future.

Not an instrument that we see on stage that the Forum often

Carri was backed by Brendan Bezuidenhout
on guitar and later on the jembe

Like the Lemur in Madagascar...
" I go to move it, move it"
A big thank you to Carri for a great set.

And finally...
One of my favourite acts.
(Christoff) Beukes & (Dave) Delany...
Boeremusiek meets Celtic folk

Although they both sing.
It is usually Christoff who takes the lead vocals.

It is good to be quoted from the stage...
Means that the artists are reading theses postings...
"It ain't a real gig unless there is a fiddle on the stage"
and there was...

The duo were allowed to play a couple of extra songs,
and I for one was very happy about that!
The next event will take place on 28 October...
by which time I hope that the new lights WILL be working!


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