Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kopano Lodge, Madikwe Safari Lodge. All a flutter...

This Yellow-billed Hornbill decided to share my breakfast.

Another first for me.
A Southern White-crowned Shrike.

A European Roller...
They are currently starting to arrive to
enjoy our Southern Hemisphere summer

A Lilac-breasted Roller.
The national bird of Botswana.

It used to be called the Grey Lourie.
It has been renamed the Grey Go-away bird.
If this was me, I would be really upset.

A couple of  Francolin settling down for the night

A Blacksmiths Lapwing on a nest

A Common Sandpiper patrolling the rocks.

One of my favourites...
A Pied Kingfisher.

In "dive" mode...

A summer visitor to this reserve...
A Little Bee-eater.

Okay, you got me...
This is neither bird nor mammal...
But what looks like a derelict piece from a movie or TV series
is actually a working toilet.
Just a pity that it can be seen from the road...

A Cape Glossy Starling surveying the horizon

No feathers but airborne

There was an emergency within the park while we were there,
and this chopper responded.

An Arrow-marked Babbler that I found watching me in camp

A good "spot" by my wife...

A Southern Red-billed Hornbill

My wife trying to fly...

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