Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kopano Lodge, Madikwe Safari Lodge. The game drives

Even though it was a sweltering 39 Celsius,
I wanted to be out on a game drive.
Hidden in the left of this picture are three buffalo bulls.
See if YOU can find them.

Much easier to see was this bull elephant.
Unlike the females in Madikwe,
the "boys" are relatively relaxed.
Because of the tinder dry conditions, we saw more elephants than usual

The long and winding road...

It is often not only about the large "critters"...
I enjoy being surprised by even the smallest one.

But, the larger ones are easier to find...

This African Rock Python had killed and eaten a goat in one of the villages.
For it's own safety, it was caught and relocated.
In the process the goat was regurgitated,
a defense mechanism of snakes in order to make a fast "getaway".

An unusual sighting...a female Steenbok actually standing still.
More often than not, they take off as soon as a vehicle stops.

We were able to find a lioness with two cubs as the sun was setting.
Difficult to photograph with no lighting,
but I managed.

Mom, after a loooong drink of water.

One of the recently introduced new lions.
One of three brothers who have been brought in to help control the buffalo population

A cheeky Ground Squirrel

We found this youngster waiting for his Mom.
He was not keen to turn around, but was prepared to offer a profile.

"Here's looking at you"...

A female Giraffe hiding in the foliage...

One of the four cheetah brothers in a coalition.
Unfortunately, the release of the females has not been a success.
One died before being released, the other was released and has vanished.

A Scrub Hare...a rare sighting out in the open in the early morning.
And sitting still...usually they are "haring" around at breakneck speed.

Another first for me...
An African Wild Cat that had killed a Scrub Hare
within the glow of our spotlight.
It made certain that the prey was dead...and then just walked away!
Vehicles that stayed at the sighting after we left reported that the cat did not return.
I have to say that the vehicles were not the cause,
and that the cat was relaxed with the presence of our vehicle.
There was a point that it looked into the bush as something seemed
to disturb it...but it left the kill at a slow and controlled pace.

An Impala Ram taking off...

A face that only a Mother could love...
A male Warthog...
and I don't know if his name was Pumba!

Face off...
Field Guide Max v Elephant herd.
Guess who won.

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