Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mumbai Xpress Barber shop early on a Sunday morning

This barber shop has become my Sunday haven.
Since my every first shave there several months ago,
I have been hooked...
Not many of us would take the time and trouble to
give ourselves a "proper" shave every day.
Spending time here for a haircut or a shave...or both,
is a great way to prepare for the week ahead.

And speaking of Prep...
Does anyone still use this product?
My Dad always used it...and for many years so did I.
Now I have Sunny and his range of products!

I don't remember my father ever teaching me how to shave.
In fact I am not certain how I learned to perfect
the art without cutting myself to pieces.
And those were the days before the modern multi-bladed razors.

I got to Xpress at 8h08 and I was number two in the queue already.
Luckily, this fellow was only there for a shave...
But I was prepared to wait for Sunny...
(I suppose I REALLY should give the other two barbers a try)

There is a third chair that is to the right of Sunny
that was also occupied.

Let the shaving begin!

The shop can be found at Situated 56 6th Street, Parkhurst,
No need to book and appointment,
however, if like me, you want to use a specific barber,
you might have to wait...
If you re not "particular",  
there three chairs and the wait is therefore not too long..
BTW, they also have a Price list that offers treatments for women.

The feel of the shaving cream on my face,
and the steam  relaxes me totally.
Customers can choose to have the shave "dry", rather than "wet" (with steam).
However, I recommend the latter.

My bi-weekly shave...
With a straight edge razor no less and lashings of real shaving cream.
Not the "stuff" that comes in a can.
Even the razors have changed, keeping hygiene in mind.
No more sharpening the edge on a strop.
Blades are changed for every customer,
and sometimes twice during a shave.

Sunny has a deft touch and is an expert in his craft.
Not easy to chat when a straight edge razor is being applied to your upper lip

I was offered one of  these "hair tattoos"...
but I declined.

Barber Sunny and owner Jacques Botha.
Jacques gave me some of the story about this shop.
Here is what he had to say:

Haircut and a shave on a Sunday morning.
In the competent hands of Sunny...
Now I am ready to face the week!
Highly recommended 
Check out their Facebook page:

Just as I was about to leave, my wife arrived.
I left her in the capable hands of Sunny who worked his magic on her as well.
To complete her morning at Xpress, she had a half leg wax with Rajiv.
Clients can also avail themselves of a massage or pedicure,
should they wish to.


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