Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our new Orejen window project. End of week 2

Praying for some quiet time over the weekend before the final
build week starts again on Monday.

This is where they left off on Friday.
Replaced first thing on Monday...
This window will be frosted so that the neighbours cannot look in.
We have also moved our geyser out of the roof and onto a back wall.
This way, if the geyser does burst, all it will do is water the garden,
and NOT ruin the ceiling and furnishings.

Second window to go in this week.
One most days the team have been able to complete two windows.
On a good day, they have been able to do three.

When we originally measured up all the windows,
we almost forgot the pantry window.

My man-cave/ office window.
My favourite...

Dining room window...GONE

The old and the new side by side...exterior.

And from the inside...
The new ones make SUCH a difference

Although John's team fitted the majority of the windows,
when it came to "putty" work, he brought in the experts.
All the glass was cut and supplied by Linden Glass.
62, 6th Street, Linden.
011 782-9246

These steel windows are the original ones from when our house
was built in 1953.

The new Orejen windows.
What a difference they make to the feel of our home

This is the only window that will not be replaced.
If we were to fit a new wooden then there would be NO space for glass.
Orejen have come up with a plan to cover the steel in wooden branding
which will give it the "look" of a wooden frame.

Friday afternoon and everyone is trying to finish early

The roof in front of our entrance is the final major build
still to be completed...

This company manufactured all the windows.
And they also supplied all the window hardware.

John, Innocent and Alfred.
Part of the team that worked at our house
This company that removed and installed the new windows,
and did the building repairs.

All the glass was cut and supplied by this company.
They also installed the half round windows where putty was required


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