Friday, October 16, 2015

Our new Orejen window project...end of week 1

It seems that my Dad is happy with the changes that are happening at our home.
This succulent used to bloom on the anniversary of his death,
but it has remained bloom-less for the past two years.
This year it bloomed again on the anniversary and
in abundance!
Welcome back Dad...

The pile of old windows grows as the pile of wooden windows shrinks.
Sort of sad to see these go as they are the same age as me.
The house was built in 1953, the year I was born.

All the tools that are required.

In with the new.

A light in the window.
Showing off our wall hanging garden, the new frame
and our stunning brick wall paper.

The new frames make SUCH a difference.

The bathroom wall has been patched.
Properly this time I hope.

The old...


And in comes the new...

Casting a giant shadow.
And yes, we do have flying ceramic ducks on our wall.

When these are gone, the project will be almost complete


And this will be the final two to be replaced this week.
I have to complement John's team for the excellent work they have done so far.
Their attention to detail is a pleasure to see in a society
where mediocrity is deemed the norm.

This company manufactured all the windows. 

This was the company that installed the windows.
They also did the building repairs.


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