Friday, October 23, 2015

Our Orejen window project...end of week three.

This was the final window that needed to be removed.

Not so much of the "cutting and pasting",
more like "cutting and plastering"...

Out with the old and in with the new.
And what a difference they have made to the appearance of our home!

The last of the 62 year old window frames.
With proper care, I hope that the new ones will last as long.

Hand cut beading to make certain that the windows
are finished off correctly.

The final "major" project.
Replacing the roof at our front door.
I had originally put up wooden poles that made the entrance dark.
This new sheeting allows the light through
and will keep the rain out.

The front beam goes into place.
These beams were also supplied by Orejen.
We wanted it to match the window frames.

Only two more to go,
and then we had a quick rain storm.
Unlike a build we did a couple of years ago where we lost
more than a month to rain delays,
this time we have only lost a couple of hours.

After spending the last 10 working days hiding in a cupboard,
(she does not like strangers in her space)
Modom was able to come out and inspect the work.

My boy was not bothered by the work force at all.
Except for a couple of days when his favourite spot was enveloped in dust.
He actually though that he was the the project manager.

There was still this to do...
I decided to remove all the paint on the window sills.
I had done a few of them some years ago and discovered
beautiful quartz hidden under the layers of enamel...

This is NOT Lemon Meringue Pie...
This is what happens when I applied the paint stripper to the sills.

And THIS is the final product...
Much better than a painted surface.
There are a couple of sills that do not have this,
and they will be finished in Oregan Pine to match the windows.

So...out with the old,
and in with the new.
What a difference they make.
With the exception of a couple of items on the snag list,
the project is complete.
a BIG THANKS to John and his team for a job well done!

This company manufactured all the windows.
And they also supplied all the window hardware.

This company that removed and installed the new windows,
and did the building repairs.

All the glass was cut and supplied by this company.
They also installed the half round windows where putty was required


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