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The best little barber shop in Parkhurst...Mumbai Xpress.

This is what I have to say about this "haven"...
Listen to this advert and you could get yourself an Indian Head massage

I have been visiting Mumbai Express Barber Shop regularly
for a couple of months.
On my first visit I have to admit that I was nervous,
having cut my own hair for the past couple of decades.
But,now that I am a CONVERT,
I look forward to being spoiled by the treatments
that Sunny dispenses.

My "holiday" face.
I even timed a trip back from Turkey so that I could "clean up"
before flying on to Cape Town

The shop can be found at Situated 56 6th Street, Parkhurst,
No need to book and appointment,
however, if like me, you want to use a specific barber,
you might have to wait...
If you re not "particular",  
there three chairs and the wait is therefore not too long..
BTW, they also have a Price list that offers treatments for women.

It has been a while since my hair has seen a pair of scissors.
Sunny, who is from India (he has only been in South Africa for a year),
has been cutting hair for the past 14 years.
So I figured that I was, literally, in good hands.
At our first encounter, I think that we were both somewhat nervous...
Sunny, as he wanted to prove himself.
And me, because it had been a LONG while since I had
had visited an establishment like this. 

He had asked me what sort of "style" I wanted.
"Surprise me" was my reply.
And he certainly did.
And the style that he chose for me on my first visit
has been getting me compliments ever since!
My wife thinks I now look like I did when she met me 11 years ago!

But a hair cut was not the only treatment on the menu...
First some steam to open pores and dampen the skin.

On my return from Turkey,
I visited Mumbai Xpress after two flights totaling 13 hours.
I was so tired that I fell asleep in the chair!
The feel of the shaving cream on my face,
and the steam now relaxes me totally.
Customers can choose to have the shave "dry", rather than "wet" (with steam).
However, I recommend the latter.

I now look forward to my bi-weekly shaving sessions.
With a straight edge razor no less and lashings of real shaving cream.
Not the "stuff" that comes in a can.
Even the razors have changed, keeping hygiene in mind.
No more sharpening the edge on a strop.
Blades are changed for every customer,
and sometimes twice during a shave.

Sunny has a deft touch and is an expert in his craft.
My first couple of visits were almost silent.
Now we  chat, albeit briefly, during my visits

The thought of having a very sharp blade at my throat,
not longer worries me.
I now just relax and enjoy the experience.

Shave over, time for a facial.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained...
Full house of treatments.
Still one of the highlights of my first visit.  

Facial done...
Clean up time.

And more steam to clean...

Massage time...
If I did not have to take pictures,
I would have fallen asleep.
Believe it or not I took the majority of these images.
Even with my eyes closed!

On my last visit,
Sunny wanted to do something similar to this on my head...
I have no idea how I would explain it to the college where I teach.
And more importantly, what would my wife have said.
But if YOU are keen...bring in a design or let Sunny work his magic.
I suppose you could even rent out the "space" to advertisers.

And to finish off...
An Indian Head Massage.
Overall the experience always leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
If you have never had any of these treatments before,
try them...

Barber Sunny and owner Jacques Botha.
Jacques gave me some of the story about this shop.
Here is what he had to say:

On my most recent visit,
I decided to try Rajiv's talents...
100% satisfied...

After and before.
And the compliments keep rolling in!
I am hooked and I now treat myself to a bi-weekly shave...
and a facial and haircut once a month.
Highly recommended 
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