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A wine pairing dinner with Simonsig at Bellgables Country Restaurant, Muldersdrift

The visual aspect of food presentation at Bellgables
begins BEFORE you enter the dining room.
The gardens are filled with a variety of different items and artifacts
for diners to discover and enjoy

Look what I found...

This building houses the Bellgables art gallery.
The eclectic collection is for sale, and on our last visit my wife and I
did purchase a work, which now hangs in our entrance hall.

Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut Rose.
This is what guests were served on arrival.
I was told that this is so popular that international guests
have learned to pronounce "Kaapse Vonkel" (Cape Sparkle)

With glass in hand, they were able to enjoy looking at the works on display.
The gallery has two floors and a "shop" which guests can browse through

This collection of chairs caught my attention.
The mix seemed to mirror the style of the table decorations at Bellgables
Not identical, but compatible.

Something I did NOT expect to find.
A collection of items from the Owl House in Nieu Bethesda.
Well worth a visit, if you are ever traveling down to the Cape.

The *stars* of the evening were the wines.
Errol Gobey has enjoyed an 18 year relationship with Simonsig,
and it shows.
His dishes complimented and were in turn complimented,
by the wines served...

Lets get this "party" started...
Brand Ambassador and a member of the family that owns Simonsig,
 Francois-Jacques Malan explained the wines
that would be served during the evening.
Listen to his comments later in this posting

Chef Patron, and owner of Bellgables,
Errol Goby with his most recent award.
I asked him how he went about preparing a meal for an event like this.
This is what he had to say:

The jazz singer...
Annemarie Faca was struggling with a dodgy throat,
but the show must go on...
She managed to complete the evening with some voice to spare.
Well done for being such a trooper,
and making the evening special.

As usual Bellgables took spectacular.
Errol and his staff keep altering the look,
so that even regular diners are "surprised"
The table decorations might look "over-the-top",
but they add yet another layer to the way meals are presented here.

Simonsig Sunbird Sauvgnon Blanc "2014"
Francois-Jacques had this to say:

Creamy seafood chowder:
Served with garlic croutons.
We could smell this dish before it arrived at our table.
The entire restaurant was suddenly infused with the most wonderful aroma,
and the dish did not disappoint!
Aside from the croutons, the dish also contained fresh sole
and a variety of other seafood delights.
My highlight of the evening!

Simonsig Mr Borio's Shiraz "2012"
Who was Mr Borio?
Francois-Jacques told me the story:

Spicy chicken crepe.
Spicy Mediterranean chicken with coriander, tomato, chili
and saffron, wrapped in a crepe.
The crepe was done to perfection
and the mix of the ingredients it contained, sublime.

All hands at the pass as Chef Patron Errol Gobey gets the mains plated.

Tiara "2011".
The "jewel-in-the-crown" of the Simonsig range...
Francois-Jacques had this to say:

Main Course:
Fillet served medium medallion placed on a
potato cake and drizzled with a rich brandy mushroom sauce.
My fillet was perfectly done and the sauce complimented
rather than detracting from the taste of the meat.
Getting 60 portions of  fillet exactly the same at a dinner service like this
cannot be easy...well done to all in the kitchen

Simonsig Gewurtzraminer "2015"
The final wine of the evening.
And finally, Francois-Jacques had to say:

New York baked cheese cake!
Creamy Philadelphia cheese served with assorted berry coulis.
Seeing it was Halloween, perhaps the coulis could be seen as "blood"?
I have been called a "cheese cake-oholic"
and this slice of heaven ticked all the boxes for me.
A great way to end off the evening

Service over...
Enoch and Errol have worked together for 34 years!

My wife and I at the end
of ANOTHER wonderful meal at this fine dining restaurant.


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Mike Jankelowitz said...

What a pleasure to read, see and feel your wonderful experience, David.
You have the art of capturing the entire evening in your blog.

Sorry we could not be with you all, but hopefully in the future.

Glad you had such an awesome dinner and wine tasting.