Sunday, November 22, 2015

Abu Dhabi through my lens

Did Kwandhare and Mischka come along?

The very grand entrance to our hotel

And the even more grand telephones in the public spaces

The hotel actually consisted of two separate parts that were 
joined by a canal. Small gondolas ply between the two properties 

I found it rather creepy to be "watched" by this mosaic
while in a public toilet

The Water Park on Yas Island...
Our media group was only there for a short time.
You actually need at least half a day here...

All sorts of rides,
big and not so big

This one seemed more "genteel" than the bigger 
version next to it

Why snakes?
I have NO idea...
But selfies are a must.

Yas Beach is currently being upgraded.
This is the new pool area that will be open to the public shortly

Trees are being planted along the beach.

Lots of women in VERY small swimwear.

The roof structure of Ferrari World.

Yas Mall.
The ONLY Mall that we visited.
Large transparent roof to let LOTS of light in.
I wish the malls in South Africa would follow suit.

The Pearls by Michael Cains
Visually one of the most superb restaurant we dined in

Abu Dhabi by night.

Inside the Grand Mosque...
I was in awe of this space.

A "must do" activity...
A Dune Safari.
It is like a Roller Coaster ride without the rails.
I was told afterwards that the drivers take bets as to which vehicle
will contain the guest that throws up first.
Our driver won!
Luckily, not me, but it was a close call.
That said, I would recommend the experience

Sunset amongst the dunes...
It does not get much better than this.

Luggage going home looks much like luggage arriving.
The only difference, the experiences enjoyed 
and friendships made in between 


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Spice Goddess said...

Beautiful David gave me goosebumps. Life is not measured by things rather by experiences x