Thursday, November 19, 2015

East London and environs as a tourist destination

We started off our day at Areena
Riverside Resort/Adventure Village/Game Reserve
If you want to put a BIG smile on my wife's face,
put her on a Quad bike and step back!

It was traversing sections like this that reminded me why I
HATE being on these machines.
I keep feeling like I am about to tip over.
Not a relaxing hour for me AT ALL.

Emu's...all the was from Oz...
I was informed by the owner that these were taken
as part payment for an outstanding debt.
And then he promptly offered them to me.

This giraffe was raised from a youngster by the
family that own the property.
For that reason he tolerates human interaction

I do not particularly like Wildebeeste,
but the feeling seems to be mutual.
I have been chased by these ungainly creatures on more than one occasion

I wonder if this Blesbok OWNS this house?
Or perhaps he is just renting?

We had lunch looking out over the Wild Indian Ocean,
from the deck at Crawfords Beach Lodge.

Part of the seating area attached to the dining room

Never a truer word spoken...
or in this case, written.

Even though I do not drink alcohol,
I did enjoy our tour around this small beer brewery.

Brewer Chris Heaton explains the beginnings of Emerald Vale

I would thought that the gauges might have been sourced
in Europe...
Seems that they come from Japan!

Drink too much of the product,
and this is the outcome...literally...

My wife seems to be enjoying the beer tasting.
Our tour guide, Siseko, looks on in amusement.

There is an art to pouring the "perfect" beer.
These staff members were practicing...

Chris turns raw product into four different Ales
Pale Ale, Gold Ale, Amber Ale and Dark Ale.
Each of which has a different flavour,
from citrus to a soft coffee taste.

And finally, we ended our day here
with an elephant encounter.

Patrick was a wealth of knowledge about his charges.
This reserve has three ellies (two males and a female) on the property

Up close and personal...

Have you hugged an elephant today?
Goodbye to East London and surrounds.
I do hope that it will not be another 43 years before I visit again.
Many thanks to my hosts during the stay...

Accommodation in East London was supplied by
Premier Hotels & Resorts.

Considering that it was early in the morning,
Ayanda was most helpful and friendly...
Europcar, the official car rental supplier
to "Travel & Things"

Highly recommended!
We used the services of this company
while touring East London and the surrounds.

The trip was hosted by Buffalo City Tourism


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