Saturday, November 21, 2015

More from Abu Dhabi

Our media group arrives at our hotel in Abu Dhabi...
To say that "first impressions" were overwhelming,
would be an understatement.
Here NOTHING is "understated"!

An infinity pool stretches towards the ocean,
as if inviting it to become part of the hotel.
Guests can enjoy a dip and a meal here

There will be a "stand-alone" posting on this Mosque.
Singularly one of the most impressive building of worship
I have ever entered.

Reaching for the sky...

And, OF COURSE, everyone wants to have a picture taken.
WARNING: No touching is allowed,
a rule that is STRICTLY enforced if transgressors are spotted

From a place that offers food for the spirit and the soul,
to the main market that offers food for more mundane needs...

There is a whole "street" that has shops that offer dates
 of one sort or another...

At the Emirates Palace Hotel,
they 'care' about the health of their guests.
That is why THIS sign in in the dessert section!

This ATM, at the Emirates Palace Hotel dispenses small gold trinkets...
Only in Abu Dhabi

At the Souk...
We stopped to take pictures of a coffee shop,
and they invited us in to sample some of their wares.
And the event HAD to be recorded!

This stunning building is part office space,
part residential.
I had been up to the 14th floor and
the view over the city is spectacular

A pole advert that works...

From Yas Waterworld...
The lifeguard has to wear rain-gear as there is always water falling
at this particular ride. The children love it,
the staff...not so much.

What did people do before the advent of cell phones.
This gallery has not officially opened,
but the staff seemed to concentrate on their individual screens

Soft shell crab at the St Regis...
Just one of the MANY meals that we enjoyed during our stay

Certainly a city of diversity...
Kite surfing in the ocean...

And we found this just a few km away...

A desert sunset.
Certainly as spectacular as any I have experiences back at home

Our final night...
Watching the lights reflecting off the ocean
as we enjoyed our last supper.
A memorable meal, in an even more memorable setting

Part of Abu Dhabi as seen from one of the shore front office buildings.


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