Friday, November 6, 2015

Onenineone, we return to the Hyatt Regency in Rosebank.

Once again my wife and I find ourselves back
at this wonderful restaurant at the Hyatt Regency in Rosebank, Johannesburg

This time it was for a "one-night-only" event...
Although, that being said,
the cuisine served can be found on their regular menus.
To find out more about the restaurant:

I cannot seem to remember if the Jacaranda images were up on our last visit.
Somehow, I think they are seasonal

The evening was under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Andrew Atkinson.
one of the judges from the first season of
"Masterchef South Africa".

This was the dish that caused me the most "discomfort"...
I DO NOT do "HOT" and, even though my wife did warn me,
I decided to try...
I mean,"How hot could it be"?
VERY HOT as it turned took many minutes for my
lips to return to "normal".
That being said, NO-ONE else seemed to suffer.

A "mini shawarma" served with chicken and yogurt.
It helped cool down my mouth after the chili wrap.

My  second favourite dish of the evening.
The beef was almost butter soft and very tasty.
Needless to say, I did return for more than one helping.

Garnish is important as part of the visual aspect of presentation.

THIS was by far my favourite dish.
Calamari done in a biltong crust!
You have to admire the thought process behind the creation of this

All the hot dishes were cooked in front of guests

This, for me, was the most complicated dish of the evening.
Beetroot and goats cheese...sounds simple, but it was not

And the highlight of the evening?
Letting the guests loose in the kitchen to help with prep and plating.
All under the watchful eyes of the Hyatt staff

This Chef makes the most WONDERFUL parsnip mash.
Unfortunately for me (and the other guests) it was NOT on the menu

"Just a swirl of beetroot"...

My wife helping with the plating...

I thought that this was dessert.
I was wrong!

THIS was my dessert...

Especially prepared for me as the regular dessert contained chocolate,
which I try to steer clear of.

There were a couple of wine estates offering their wares.
Although it was not a "proper" wine pairing dinner.

Music for the evening was supplied by
The Rocketeers, one of my favourite South African duos.
Their repertoire covered artists as diverse as Nina Simone and Rodriguez,

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