Friday, November 20, 2015

Prana Lodge Private Beach Estate and Spa, Eastern Cape

My previous visit here was in 2013,
 I have to say that my initial reaction, on this return visit,
 is that nothing has changed...
except for the vegetation,
which has become more luxurious

My wife and I were accommodated in the Forest Suite.
As the name suggests, it is set away from the main Lodge area,
and is surrounded by dense vegetation.
Much like a tree house, except it is at ground level

There is a small, intimate seating area outside the suite...
a great place to sit and meditate on what our world is becoming.

Inside, it is unlike any tree house I have ever been in...

The epitome of luxury and a mix of styles that blend seamlessly.

As with ALL holiday accommodation,the bed is the focal point.
BIG and comfortable...could a guest ask for anything more?

This is the view from the front door.
More than big enough for two people

A touch of class?
Or should I say glass?

The eye for detail is not obvious,
but it is present in areas that need that final "something"
to make what might otherwise be a bland surface *POP*

Lavender can be found in the most "unlikely" places.
Like the bathmat...

Or amongst the drinks.
Guests are told NOT to drink the tap water,
but they are then given SEVERAL options.

A walk in dressing area and storage space leads into this...
The bathroom is bright and airy...
Double sinks, a bath and toilet.

There is also an outdoor shower that can be accessed via the bathroom

The sky clouded over and a gentle rain started to fall.
It continued for most of the afternoon and well into the evening.
That meant it was time to turn on the lights...
An our suite took on a whole different feel.

The soft lighting allowed the shadows to become part of the decor.
A wonderful way to end off the day...
Looking out of the window as if it was a large screen 3D TV set.

But what of dinner I hear you ask?
After a couple of hectic days, we decided to have "room-service",
Prana Lodge course at a time
and in the pouring rain.

Well done to the kitchen for a scrumptious meal.
And to Bongani who delivered it, wet but smiling...
Give that man a Bell's!

Each of the rooms is different, and all (except the Forest Suite )
have a small private swimming pool.
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