Sunday, November 22, 2015

Prana Lodge.Private Beach Estate & Spa. Not just eat, read and nap.

It was time for a wander around the property...
Starting at the main reception area.

It feels more like the lounge of a house than the reception area
of a busy Lodge.
And that is because the office is "hidden" behind closed doors.

Owners Gail and Tim have used their own artworks as part of the decor

Giving every part of the property a
 "home-away-from-home" feeling

This tiny statue sums up the feeling in the Wellness Centre.
Calm and Tranquil...
Two commodities that are sorely lacking in our busy modern lives.

These flowers in water look like a Mandala

The couples treatment room.

The bar in the main lounge.

Where the magic happens.
Well no ACTUAL magic...
but great coffee.

An adequate wine selection is available for guests to choose from

Part of the main lounge.
This can also be used as a dining area,
should the need arise.

A new private seating area in the garden just off the main building
While we were there it was used by a wedding party...
that consisted of only four people!

This group of friends was here for the weekend to
celebrate a special birthday.
Prana is a great "ROMANTIC GETAWAY" destination.
Birthdays, weddings, engagements and even
the renewal of wedding vows can be accommodated.

And speaking(or should that be 'writing') about weddings...
Megan Van Den Berg and Gail Davidson putting the final
touches to the decorations for just such an event.

Could a bride and groom have a more perfect vista?

Details are SO important to the management,
that they got this crystal to line up with the horizon...

A runner out in the midday heat.

The outdoor seating area by night

We decide to eat in the main dining room.
Vuyo served us dinner.
And unlike the previous two dinner services,
which we enjoyed in out suite,
he only had to walk a few paces from the kitchen

We returned to our suite to find THIS...
What a wonderful surprise.
Many thanks to all those involved.

Each of the rooms is different, and all (except the Forest Suite )
have a small private swimming pool.
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