Monday, November 9, 2015

Valley Lodge & Spa, Magaliesburg.

We last visited this property in 2007.
This was the first change that we discovered.
The security guard on duty was friendly and efficient.

The trees have, of course gotten taller...

The reception area and HUGE lounge seem to have remained the same.
There may have been some cosmetic changes, but we did not notice them

Our accommodation...
A Superior Room( there are several categories of accommodation available)
A very comfortable bed, large bathroom and an outdoor seating area
made certain that we had a wonderful experience

In 2007, we had come to look at the Valley Lodge(as it was then known)
as a possible venue for our upcoming wedding.

The Spa was added in 2010 and was the second major change
that we discovered.
It is a light and airy space that has an indoor pool and Jacuzzi.
There is a waiting area that offers water, juice, tea, coffee and sweet snacks.
BUT WHY does the music HAVE to be Enya and Orinoco Flow?
It seems to have become the standard music in EVERY spa that I visit.
Surely there is a market here for some entrepreneur to develop
PROPER Spa music?

My wife did enjoy her treatment
and said that her therapist came one of the best massages she has ever had.
The hotel was re-branded in 2010 when the "& Spa" were added to the title.

FOOD...and plenty of it.
Not classed as "fine dining" the carvery we experienced at dinner
was delicious and extensive.
I did get "stuck" on the lamb potjie (stew) which was sublime.
As was the Creme Brulee...
My wife can attest to how "YUM" the KitKat desert was!

And all prepared under the watchful eye of
Executive Chef Wayne

I don't seem to remember THIS from our last visit...
A proper pizza oven

There are plenty of walks that guests can enjoy.
And beauty abounds wherever you look.

Even a strand of  spider web caught in the early morning light

There was an extensive birding list in our room,
but this Weaver was the only one I was able to "capture"

And a river DOES run through it...

Guests can canoe on a short stretch...

Running water is always soothing.
As long as it is contained and not in flood

Early morning, before the guests awoke.

The "heart" of the property.
Although guests are asked to check out by 11h00,
there is nothing stopping them from lying at the pool.
We did this, and enjoyed the best toasted Chicken Mayo sandwich poolside,
before finally leaving at 15h00!

There are MANY cats that roam the property.
Most of those that we came across were keen to interact.
One even followed us back to our room.

I did not expect to find THIS in the garden!
Valley Lodge & Spa is an hour from Johannesburg (depending on traffic)
but it is well worth a visit.
Friendly staff, excellent accommodation and great food,
make this a destination that should be visited.
I am hoping that we will not wait 8 years before our next visit.
Our thanks to Operations Manager,Donald and his team,
who looked after us during our stay.


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