Friday, December 25, 2015

A 2015 African Christmas posting...

What do I want for Christmas?

An African nights-cape.
You have to love this continent.

Up close with the "King"...
and he is NOT called Elvis.

A cool drink on a HOT African day

Who needs a knife and fork when you have
"built in" cutlery?

A Yellow Billed Hornbill enjoying a meal.
Stolen from my breakfast plate

This Pied Kingfisher is looking for his own food.

"Whoo are you"?
A Pearl Spotted Owlet seems to be asking me.

Small is good.
A dragon fly on a twig

Seeing a leopard STILL gives me  an adrenaline rush

Unfortunately, about a week after I took this image,
one of the cubs disappeared.
But that is the way of the "wild".

Many people feel that they are the embodiment of evil.
I have an affinity for Spotted Hyena.
I believe that they are misunderstood...

Zebra stallions during mating season.
Tough times as they compete for mating rights

Buffalo ALWAYS look at you as if you owe them money

This young elephant did NOT want to share the waterhole

A white Rhino.

Another "unusual" sighting.
A Cheetah male resting

Young Wild Dogs.

Coming in to land...
A Lilac Breasted Roller seems to fascinate the Baboon

There HAS to be a "butt" shot!

And speaking of "butts"...
What looks like a derelict piece from a movie or TV series,
is the BEST bush loo ever.
Just a pity that it can be seen from the road...

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