Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bronto's arrives in Linden.

The "new-kid-on-the-block"...
But are they in Linden?
Technically they are on the Blairgowrie side of 1st Ave.
HOWEVER, after tasting their food,
I declare them to be an HONORARY Linden establishment!
Currently this is their first foray outside of Cape Town,
where they have a store in Durbanville.

The drinks awaiting the arrival of the guests for the launch.

This is Marius Vosloo, who is co-owner of the "restaurant".
You might wonder why the " "?
Well it is designed for take away meals
rather than a sit down restaurant.

Minimalist decor enhances the "feel" rather that distracts from it.
And it does not have a "family chain" feel to it.
Which is a good thing.

Supposedly the Johannesburg tap water is some of the best in the world.
And even though there is a water shortage,
there is NO reason to buy the expensive bottled kind.

Arnold had his work cut out for him at the launch.
Guests where there to taste and experience the food.
The guests were offered a variety of the signature pizzas to taste.
Slow roasted lamb, The Ivy and The Ritz.
My personal favourite?
I would have to vote for the Spare Rib...very tasty!

He had help from Lisa,
who kept a smile on her face the whole evening.
The pizzas are cooked in a proper wood burning oven,
and are of the thin base variety.

From L-R:
Mom, Antoinette, Dad, Lionel, and daughters Rebecca and Ruth,
tuck into some of the pizza on offer.

Jim and Sandy get to taste a couple of slices.

Rene and Maryke could not resist the smiling face of Ali

Carolyn, tucking into the pizza.
Her verdict at the end of the evening?

Making the magic happen.

The basting sauce is mouth wateringly good!

THIS is what we were waiting for.
Mounds of ribs, both beef and pork.
The last time I had ribs as good as these
was in Nashville in the USA.
Great sauce and tasty meat.
If I do have a "complaint",
then it is the fact that the fries lacked seasoning.
But that can be easily remedied.
And a minor "hiccup"...

The Bronto's signature milkshake.
Strawberry, Cream Soda, Vanilla and chocolate.
They got a "thumbs up" from the diners.
To such a degree that a couple even bought full size ones
as these tasters were not sufficient

Alice, sampling one of the milkshakes.

And just when you though that there would be no more food,

I am certain that THIS smiling face will be seen
by LOTS of customers.
I know that my wife and I will certainly be returning again
VERY soon.

Although Bronto's has only been open for a short while,
Frank is already a regular.

A great time was had by all.
The small but appreciative invited crowd seemed to be happy
with the food on offer and judging from some of the
conversations I overheard,
they will be back to support Bronto's as paying customers.
Considering that the venue has only been open for a short time,
if there are any problems, they were not noticeable to me.
Marius did tell me that they were having problems with Telkom
as well as there card machine...but these can be overcome.
Although their signature food are ribs and pizza,
they do offer burgers and two vegetarian pizza options,
as well as a Banting pizza base.
Cronuts are on the menu, but I did not get to taste one.
I am told that they are a mixture of a croissant and a doughnut.
WHY would anyone want to mess with two perfectly good pastries?
The service, food and staff we experienced at the launch were excellent.
If this standard can be maintained, then this team has a winner on their hands.
Welcome to our suburb and long may you remain.
Bronto's can be found at the corner of
Standard Drive and 1st Ave, Linden.
Call them on 011 026 7635


We tried their special...and enjoyed the Quattro
and the lamb pizzas that we ordered.
And both for only R129.00!
This special ends on 31/12/2015.
Well worth a visit.
They also have a pork rib special that runs at the same time.

Went back to try the beef ribs.
Big "YUM"...
The beef ribs are not on special, which is unfortunate.
They are cheaper (and healthier?) than two burgers.
Either way, they went down a treat.
I would say that they were finger licking good,
but I might get I won't.
What they WERE was lick smackin' great!

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