Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dinner at Pearls & Caviar by sergl arola, Abu Dhabi

Pearls & Caviar by Sergl Arola
 can be found at the Shangri-La Hotel.
Memorable meals are created when all the elements come together
at one moment in time...
THIS was one of those meals
Great ambiance, beautiful food, wonderful company
and a view that will never be forgotten

The entrance might look "unimposing",
but the interior and the food are CERTAINLY not!

Rabbit was NOT on the menu.
These are my traveling companions,
two Scrub Hare statuettes that live in my camera bag.
Antonio, the restaurant manager had a chat with them, 
before we sat down to dinner.

Arola's Patatas Bravas,
 ''brava'' sauce and aioli with confit potato
This was the dish that we "fought" over!
The meal could have stopped right here. 
But WHAT a dinner it was.
P&C decided the best way to sample their menu,
was to do exactly that...
sample their entire menu!
Well almost...

Bocata de Calamares
Squid-ink toasted bread 
with crunchy calamari and lemon marmalade 
The food here was "art-on-plate".
It looked so good,
we almost did not want to eat it.
That feeling lasted all of 37 seconds 
and then we all tucked in!

Tortilla de patatas...
 with egg yolk spherification and crispy onions 

Roasted Chicken '' Croquetas''

Juicy spicy chicken cooked in ''Panko''

 Ceviche and Tacos
Seabass, fresh coconut, lime juice, red onion, coriander, 
homemade guacamole and homemade Tacos 

Slow cooked Hammour, prawn, clams, potato and lobster bisque 

Carillera, slow-cooked veal cheek 
with Cabrales cheese and fresh plum 
There HAD to be foam.
It seemed to be on the menu at every restaurant we visited.

I am uncertain as to what this was...
but what I am certain of is that it tasted REALLY great!

Paella Valenciana, Classic paella with chicken and vegetables 

Paella a la Marinera, seafood and fish of the day 
This is how it was brought to the table.

And this is how it was plated.
Right before our very eyes!

There were vegetables...

Crema Catalana 

The light fittings looked like giant spider's webs.
Well, they did to me.

A rather creepy mural in the gents loo...

The view from our table.
For me our final evening and meal in Abu Dhabi,
was the highlight of our media trip. 
I am very glad that we saved it for last.


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