Thursday, December 17, 2015

HP ENVY 360 I5-5200U 8/1TB 2GB GPU TOUCH day all devices will be made like this!

2016 is almost a month old, 
and this "new" device has certainly become a talking point
at the coffee shops I use as "office space"...
But what IS it I hear you ask?

This looks like a regular laptop...
But when is a laptop NOT a laptop?

When it is the new HP ENVY 360 I5-5200U 8/1TB 2GB GPU TOUCH 15
In 2006 I took an HP device to the summit of Kilimanjaro,
and it stood me in good stead for many years.
All being well, this one will be in my backpack in September 2016,
when I climb for the third time.

What is a 2 in 1 device?
I asked myself the same question as I opened the box.
It turns out that it can be a standard laptop...
in this case with a 15.1 inch screen
(the same as a "regular" desktop laptop)
or it can be a touch screen tablet.
And how quickly did I get used to the technology?
Within minutes I was trying to "swipe" my regular laptop!
One day ALL devices will be touch screen
and NO-ONE will remember the "old" technology.

When the sound quality is provided by
Bang & Olufsen....
then new owners will realize that they are in for a treat.

And the reason that it is called the "ENVY"
will become obvious when your friends and colleauges
see you working on this brushed aluminium beauty.

At the heart of the beast...Intel...of course.
I did ready a couple of reviews before collecting my "ENVY"
and heat and weight were mentioned in some of those.
Personally, I have found neither to be a problem.
There might be more compact devices on the market,
some of which I have owned, but never quite liked.
Would it make a great gift?

When I turned on the device, some images from a trip to a game reserve
two years ago popped up.
I could not understand how, until I realized that they were stored
"in the cloud"!
For more technical information:

I get to show off my device at my favourite coffee shop.
I have to say that it garnered a LOT of attention from
the customers around me.
I did have an issue with connectivity to the shop internet,
but that was quickly resolved by making the machine
"forget" the router and then reconnecting.
After that, my only problem was keeping
other hands off the keyboard!

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