Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Images from my time at the NJ MORE Field Guide College.

Even the best of drivers can battle...

As Bruce does his exercises,
the look on the face of the fellow in the chair says it all!

I was impressed that it was the ladies that turned up for the
fitness challenge.
Where were the guys?
Doing their workbooks I was told.

The camp by night

Stars over my tent.

I found this tree night

This is what looked like after too little sleep

The camp by day...

A young female Nyala
spots me but continues to feed undisturbed.

African Mistletoe?

Rather than being woken by Hadedas,
The Woodland Kingfishers were VERY vocal

My hares popped out of my camera bag to see where they were.

A most surprising sighting.
I was so focussed on three trees in the dam,
that I only spotted her when she was already half way across the dam wall

We set off on our afternoon walk

Bruce leads, with Paul as back-up

And we find the lioness relaxing in the grass on the side of the dam.

These extrusions are made by a Potters Wasp.
It leaves prey sealed inside with an egg
so that the larvae has something to eat.

In a drab landscape...a splash of colour.

Early final day at the camp

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RUGGEDWEAR is the official bush clothing sponsor
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Many thanks to both Graham and Howard
for getting me kitted out in record time!

This is Thato at the ORT branch of Europcar.
What a nice young man...service with a smile.
I had no idea where the car rentals were at the airport,
and despite some confusing ACSA signage
I eventually found what I was looking for.
I had requested a Stepway which was ready and waiting for collection.
To date, all my interactions with this company have been
fast, efficient and very friendly.
Time to head North...well NW actually...
The Waterberg beckons. 

Europcar, the official car rental supplier
to "Travel & Things"


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