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Madame Zingara returns! 2015/2016 Johannesburg season.

Happy 15th Birthday..
Madame Zingara is currently in Johannesburg.
( Season ends at the end of January 2016)
Once again it was time for my wife and I
 to be astounded, entertained, stunned and amazed.

 Mojo, GM, Theatre of Dreams.
Most GM's would have a corner office with a view...
In this instance his office is a container.
But when you travel as much as this production does,
it actually makes sense.

"Who or what is Madame Zingara"? I hear you ask
For those of you who have never been,
let me try to explain.
Although it is a dinner/show event, there is much more to MZ
than first meets the eye.
Can you try to explain the interior of the helicopter(top picture) to a "regular" pilot.
This cockpit looks more like a prop from "Mad Max"
Make up is part of the audience  prep.
Luckily for this fellow, he was still on holiday
and would not have to go into work looking like this.
And finally, there is the merchandise...and LOTS of it.
The hats are almost works of art,
but I could not really justify buying one to hang on a wall.

The new mirror tent seats 650-700 guests!
It is the largest tent of its kind in the world
and was especially made for MZ.
It now sports a balcony area for guests

MZ has resident photographers, like Max,
on duty to help members of the audience commemorate their evening.
The fellow in the hat with the goggles is a stage hypnotist.
His girlfriend was celebrating her birthday.

These cello players were part of the entertainment.

Aerial Pole act...
straight from Cirque. the incredible Saulo Sarmiento.
Many of the acts have guests on the edge of their seats.
Especially, like this one,
performed with NO safety net

Diabolo Girls...
Although there were seven women in the troupe
that will take your breath away,
this one caught my attention

Hot Mr C...
The resident jester returns...
As funny as ever.

Teeter Board.
Boris, Pablo and Zachary.
Talk about being "high"...
These three bring new meaning to that word.

Lola La Plume...hanging around
I will say no more.
But prepare to be entertained

The Sensational Specifics are exactly that...
as backing singers as well as individual performers.

Featuring Christine and Ezequiel.
A quick change act that was difficult to capture.

From butch to glam...
The Queen of the Skies is BACK as MC.
Larger than life and a whole lot of fun...
Cathy Specific.
Not for the faint-hearted...Cathy does have a way with (swear) words.
Timeless jokes, well timed and told had me in fits of laughter,
even though I knew the punchlines.

The Strength Adage.
No cirque would be complete without one!
Daryna, Yuliia and Anastasiia thrill and enthrall.
Legs were NOT designed to bend in THIS direction

Bicycle Act.
Valo and Bobby come to MZ direct from the X Factor.
Certainly one of the more scary acts of the evening.

Aerial Straps.
Artem and Igor, moving in perfect harmony.
Prepare to be stunned and amazed by their strength act.

Lilian is back...
or did she even leave?
Keeping the entertainment going while the various courses are being served.

Swan Lake?
Madame Zingara style?

And as it is the 150 anniversary of Alice in Wonderland.
a proverbial doffing of the hat with the arrival of the White Rabbit.
My wife could NOT resist giving him a hug

Food is served at break neck speed,
and is incorporated as part of the
With the addition of the upstairs,
the time taken to serve and clear has increased,
thus taking away(for me) some of the magic.
A MZ virgin might not notice,
but I have attended 5 previous performances.

My starter choice...
Pan-fried handmade sweet potato and butternut gnocchi on sage butter, 
finished with truffled ricotta and butternut chips

My wife chose the MZ signature salad.

Our waiter(?)for the evening...
all the way from Durban...Chesney.
I always enjoy my interactions with the staff as they are a lot of fun,
and add yet another layer of entertainment to the evening...

There is a choice of 6 main courses,
and that includes a vegetarian dish.
With advance warning they can also provide Halaal and Kosher meals
 My choice,
The Lamb Shank...
Slow braised and served with herb mashed potatoes,
 baby stemmed broccoli, roasted garlic aioli
and finished with a zesty gremolata 

My wife chose the fish
Pan-seared Norwegian salmon on herb crushed new potatoes,
served with pak choi, orange infused hollandaise
and topped with fresh salsa 

And finally...
A trio of  dessert decadence that will delight even the most jaded of palates!
A seductively satisfying offering to end the evening

A great way to celebrate a special event,
or to come with a group of friends for a fun evening out.
Booking is ESSENTIAL, as the shows sell out VERY quickly.

Cathy Specific says goodbye to Carolyn.
Looking at the smiles on the faces of the departing audience,
it looked as if everyone had had a wonderful time.
And I think that some will have to explain the adult face painting.
A word of warning...not for small children or those easily offended
by strong language or "off color" jokes.
But all in good fun, with no malice intended.

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