Thursday, December 24, 2015

The last full moon of 2015...
Claire de lune by Debussy
The last time we experienced a full moon at Christmas,
was back in 1977!
What were you doing all those years ago?
This moon is known as the Cold Moon,
or Long Night Moon(in the Northern Hemisphere)

In the Southern Hemisphere, the moon would be associated with
the positive aspects of December

The maternal and familial influence might intensify
your need to be around family and loved ones this holiday
Other spiritual effects that it produces are:
Clarity of heart and mind
Heightened psychic awareness
A capacity for healing.
Goal settings for 2016

This is a time of giving and goodwill.
This moon can show you unexpected issues about yourself.
The fact that the Full Moon and Christmas coincide,
will allow us to re-look at our place in the world
and the relationships with those that we love and care about
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
As this Full Moon coincides with Christmas Day,
it gives us all the opportunity for reflection and preparation

The next "Christmas" full moon will be in 2034,
followed by 2053,2072,2091...

This final image was taken at 03h45 on Christmas morning.
Still looking for that elusive fellow in the sleigh...

So go outside, look up
and YOU might just be lucky enough to see this sight.
My wish for all those who celebrate,
is to be surrounded with family and friends.
Take a moment to think of those who might be alone,
or far from loved ones.
Also think of the emergency services worldwide,
who are sacrificing Christmas day to make certain
that others are safe and cared for.

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