Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Turkish Shawarma & Grill on 7th St in Melville, Johannesburg

Earlier this year my wife and I spent some time in Istanbul.
A city that we have both come to love.

The teaming markets and bustling streets
captured our hearts and heads.

This was our final meal in Istanbul.
The food was just one of the reasons that
our trip was so memorable.
Once home, we could not stop talking about the Doner Kebabs
and ice cream that we had enjoyed.

It now transpires that we can, once again,
enjoy the Turkish food that we were hankering for.
And just up the road from our house!
Unfortunately, the ice-cream that I mentioned is not available,
but that is because the ingredients are unavailable in South Africa.
(At least we STILL have a reason to return to Istanbul)

My in-laws and wife prepare to try the starters.

The decor is minimalist, but bright and inviting.
And more importantly, there is no clutter.
All clean lines and colourful easy to clean plastic.

We arrived shortly after 18h00 and found the restaurant almost empty.
By the time we left at 20h30, the place was a hive of activity.
All the tables were full with families enjoying an evening out.
There is also limited seating available on the pavement outside.

The only "decor" that I could find.

What would a Turkish restaurant be without (proper) Turkish delight on sale.
Seeing that the supply we brought back from Istanbul
has almost come to an end,
we now know where we can stock up without needing a plane ticket.

Even the chef is from Turkey...
although he looks Like Al Pacino in "Serpico"...

A Meze platter to start with.
Diners can choose what they want on the platter from a selection
at the Meze bar.

My choice...
A Doner Shawarma served with a side salad
and rice on a roti.
This was the medium version,
and it was a more than a generous helping.
Seeing that my final meal in Istanbul was similar,
I could compare...
And it was as if I was back in Istanbul.
The beef was tasty, the roti done to perfection
and the rice was delicious.

This was what my father-in-law chose...
Falafel...also with a side salad and rice on a roti.
From the sounds of enjoyment that wafted across the table,
I have to assume that he enjoyed his meal.
That, and the fact that the plate was all but wiped clean...

It was Spicy chicken cubes for my mom-in-law.
Again with the side salad and rice.
What I have omitted to mention were the chips
that were served with all four dishes.
I did get a taste, and the chicken was not as spicy as I was expecting.
The verdict on this dish...excellent

My wife's choice...Shish Kebab.
Spicy beef and lamb mince.
This dish I did find had a "bite" to it,
but then again I have a sensitive palate.
My wife thoroughly enjoyed the dish as did
the other family members.
When we go out as a family, we tend to each order a different dish
and then we share...that way we get to sample four dishes
instead of one or two.
Verdict: YUM

Dessert...and we tried several!
We started with rice pudding...

Moved onto Kunefe which was served hot
and took about 15 minutes to prepare.
But we were in NO hurry, and were prepared to wait

And finished off with Revani, a sweet semolina dish

And what more fitting way to end off this meal?
Turkish coffee...of course.
Our overall impression...
And we now have a new "go to " place to eat.
Good food, reasonable prices and a wonderful waiter.
What more could a diner ask for?
MORE, I suppose...
and we will be back.

Ibrahim Demirtas(owner) and Bayram Kara(manager)
 who made our evening such a pleasant occasion.
Ibrahim owns a similar (but smaller establishment) in Mayfair
that has been operating for five years.
When we visited this "branch" had only been open for three weeks,
but it has already become well established with the local Melville residents.
It was great to see the Turkish community well represented,
for as the earlier pictures show, when we arrived the restaurant was
almost empty...and by the time we left a couple of hours later,
it was packed!
If you enjoy Turkish food, then this is highly recommended.
If you have never eaten Turkish food before,
then this is where you want to try it.
The Turkish Shawarma & Grill can be found
on 7th St (corner 3rd Ave) in Melville.
(011) 4821125

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