Thursday, January 7, 2016

Art is in the eye of the beholder...

What happens if a creative person has time on their hands?
It started out as a wire female form that my wife
rescued from a dumpster.
It stood "naked" in my man-cave for the longest while,
and then almost overnight it was transformed!
The cloth comes from Ghana,
the baseball catchers mask from my father-in-law,
and the respirator from my mom-in-law
(it used to be part of her fathers medical equipment)

Then I added my old bush hat...

And then it morphed into the
"Jewish Apocalypse"...
with the addition of a yarmulke and eyes.
And that was as far as I could go with it...
However, my creative juices were flowing
and I had lots of driftwood, bones and shells to play with.

Almost all of these works contain items that were found on a beach
or on various bush walks.

"I will protect you"
Impala hip bone on driftwood with a small metal Ganesh.

A pigeon skull with a small(unidentified) bone
on driftwood

"From the sea"
A collection of driftwood on a stone base.
I have included an upturned buffalo tooth as well

My favourite piece...
Coral, a pansy shell, warthog tusk and a marble
mounted on a driftwood base

 Springbok horns, a warthog tusk and barbed wire,
mounted on a driftwood base.

Driftwood and rusted wire, mounted on a wooden base
and including suspended semi-precious stone

Driftwood on driftwood

"I must go down to the sea again"
A collection of items found on various beach walks.

"Hanging around"
A mobile made from semi precious pieces
suspended from a driftwood frame.

Bone, driftwood and a pebble.
Mounted on a metal base that was part of a printed press.

Now to get down to some "real" work...
If you would like to buy any of these pieces,
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