Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Howick, some thoughts...

I found myself back in Howick, KZN recently
and after what I saw, I would rather visit any one of these...

The town is tired, dirty and run down.
There seems to be no pride in the appearance of the city centre.
And more importantly, nothing seems to have changed
in the past decade

What other town in the world can boast a waterfall...
in the city centre?
But around the viewing area is litter
and a craft market where most of the goods
seem to be of Asian origin.
And it seems as if some of the locals use the top of the falls
to do their weekly washing...

Yet, amid the doom and gloom of the town centre,
there are wonderful properties that seem to house
the majority of the South African elderly
Much like Miami, Florida...
Howick seems to have become the retirement "capital" of SA.

As I went for my early morning run though one of these complexes,
the number of the residents that I saw out and about was quite astounding

It seems ironic that storks visit regularly...
obviously, sans babies as the average age of the people
living here seems to be 70!

Perhaps Howick could take a lesson from this Cormorant.
Spread your wings and make the town great again

But there is beauty even amongst the thorns...

I was trying out a new camera, and I decided to focus
on the flowers that were all around me

This is not my regular traveling companion...

Love them or hate them, Hadedas make an iconic outline

Dew in the early morning...

Dew 2

When I am old I will wear purple!

These storks must be REALLY confused.
Visit a place with young people...

Come on Howick.
Put some BLING back into your town!
Time for a make-over and a clean up,
and make this little gem shine...

Images on this trip were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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 I have only met with friendly and efficient staff
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Based on my experiences over the past few months
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