Sunday, February 14, 2016

"HEARTLESS" at The Corner Shop, Linden


"Are you talking to me"?
Yannis Generalis welcoming guests.

Stabbed in the heart?
Perhaps, as this was the theme of the exhibition.
Especially for those cynics who "hate" Valentines Day
and all the commercialism that accompanies it.

Some of the early crowd.

I am uncertain as to what these are or who made them.
But they are "cute".

I do like this intricate work
by Josie Holloway

This is another of her pieces

Based on Bottom?

One of Chris Reinders pieces.
Called "Blind Love"...go figure.

Sybrandt Wiechers likes to work in steel.
I have had my eye on a work of his for more than a year.
One day it WILL be in my collection.

This was one of several works by Peter Claasens.
It reminded me of a reverse Romulus and Remus...

The three works on the wall are by Yannis Generalis.

Who knew that there were tiny folk 
in your heart chambers.

Two of the regular contributors to various exhibitions
at The Corner Shop.
Chris Reinders...

Gordon Froud.

I don't know if these had ANYTHING to do with the
general theme of the occassion.

This certainly did...

ANOTHER of Yannis's works...

'Nuff said...

To those who DO celebrate.

Well done to all concerned.
And a BIG "thank you" to John and Melissa and their staff
for staging this event.
The exhibition will run for a couple of weeks,
so pop in and perhaps something will catch YOUR eye.
Remember that you are supporting local artists,
and most of the work on sale is made from
 recycled or reclaimed material...good for the environment. 

Images on this posting were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.


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