Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bronto's offers Linden its own signature pizzas!

Bronto's opened in Linden late in 2015.
Since then it has become a firm favourite for the locals,
as well as "visitors" who flock from other suburbs
to taste what makes this Cape Town based restaurant so special

To lazy to come in?
Bronto's will deliver pronto...
Three scooters make deliveries as quick as the traffic will allow.

The wood burning pizza oven is the heart of the shop.
Personally, this is the ONLY method for cooking pizza.

Hard at work preparing the Linden signature pizzas.
And there is only ONE size on offer.
To me a small/medium pizza is NOT a choice.
You can have one of the classics, or you can "build" your own,
even a banting base if that is your choice.

But I wanted to concentrate on what makes their offering different...
The Linden Sinature Pizza's.
First into the oven...

Slow roasted lamb.
Leg of lamb, Feta, Rosemary, Minted yoghurt/Tzatziki.

My personal favourite...

Next in...

The Ivy.
Butternut, Feta, Pine nuts, Caramelized onion.

I believe that this is the best looking of the four Signature pizzas on offer

The penultimate pizza...

The Ritz
Smoked trout, Cream cheese, Capers and Fennel

Not necessarily ingredients I would normally associate with pizza,
but the combination works.

First Avenue.
So named because Bronto's is in 1st Avenue Linden!
Tomato, Artichokes, Anchovies, Olives and Capers.

If you like tomato on your pizza,
then THIS is the one for you.

Bronto's "special" basting sauce might not contain
 "11 secret herbs and spices" but the ingredients
add a flavour that is hard to beat.

Although the ribs are cooked in the pizza oven,
the final basting is done on a gas grill

The end product...
Bronto's is one of the few restaurants in the area
that serve both beef and pork ribs.
Order in either 200g, 400g,or 1Kg portions.

Be it ribs or pizza...
everything goes better with a milkshake!
Currently shakes are not part of the delivery menu.

Bronto's can be found at the corner of 1st Ave and Standard Drive.
Contact details:
Telephone: 011 026 7635

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