Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sleekgeek Healthy Habits challenge. Day 15-21


The email said;
"What are you doing in April"?
A "challenge" calendar made by my daughter Jayne.

My daughter and me...
It was her idea for us to do the challenge as a team.
Although we live in separate cities,
the tasks are designed in such a way that they can be
 done by individuals within a team.
Well done to the organizers for that.

eat move think sleep


What a response.
I was out of cell signal reach,
but I emailed several people who are meaningful
in my life and I received wonderful responses in return.


I was VERY good with this task.
Every electronic device was turned off well before the stipulated time.
However, I was up VERY early...and turned all the devices back on.


I was at The SAB World of Beer for lunch today.
Small portions of wonderfully prepared food.
Vegetables with each course,
except soup and dessert.


I really enjoyed my walk this morning.
I went out relatively early, while there was still mist over the dam
and not too many cars on the roads.
I have tried to keep my walking to the parks around where I live.
I have discovered a whole new area to walk and run in


Out with negative
and accentuate the positive.


A brain dump before bed is a great idea.
But difficult to accomplish once you have spent the whole night
 working on a "live" TV show.
That being said, it was good to try 
and rid my mind of all the "stuff" from the four hour shoot.
I also tend to dump in the morning
in order to have a fresh start to the day.


As I was out most of the day,
And I was therefore unable to actually MAKE a meal.
But I did have lunch at a health shop
and tried an item off their menu that I had not tasted before.

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