Sunday, April 17, 2016

Healthy habits challenge. Day 8-14


The email said;
"What are you doing in April"?
A "challenge" calendar made by my daughter Jayne.

My daughter and me...
It was her idea for us to do the challenge as a team.
Although we live in separate cities,
the tasks are designed in such a way that they can be
 done by individuals within a team.
Well done to the organizers for that.

eat move think sleep


I have not had a full eight hours of sleep for the longest time.
Depending on our cats needs, I usually only get about 5-6 hours.
For the challenge, I think I got around 6-6.5 hours.
Better than it has been for a while.
I think that this was one of the harder tasks for many participants.


Task DONE! 
But I have learned that there are 46 steps in a return trip from our loo to my office! 
Most of my 8000 steps for the task tomorrow have already been accomplished today


I think that the 8000 step task is not so much about the task, but what you gain from it. 
I chose to walk through our local park and not only was I amazed by being in a "green space", 
but I discovered a nursery that I was unaware of. 
Yes, count your steps, but make the goal much bigger than that. 
Most importantly, enjoy what you are surrounded by. 
Take time to stop and photograph the roses

THIS makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it! 
Not so much at what the cat is doing, 
but the laughter of the people who are filming it just cracks me up. 
Laughter is SUCH a great tonic...


I was in a game reserve for this particular task.
Therefore it was not too difficult to have almost absolute darkness in my room
It is such a pleasure not be "looked" at by small green or red "eyes"
of the standby modes on the various devices we all have in our bedrooms.


Still in the game reserve.
It was easier to photograph the meals that I had,
and there were no snacks in between.

Yes I did them...and there was video to prove that fact.
But let us leave those in the past shall we?
Perhaps not...


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