Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Neetlingshof wine pairing at A la Bouffe,Linden

And "they" said that it would not last...
This Authentic French Bistro has been open for business in Linden
for almost two years. It opened on Bastille Day(July 14) in 2014
It was my first visit to the restaurant,
and I had no idea what to expect.

Luckily the menu is in English and French.
A la Bouffe means "Come and eat" French slang.
 I and the rest of the diners did exactly that.

Chef Patron and co-owner, Roumuald Denesle.
I was hoping that he would leave the kitchen to describe the food,
but he decided to let the dishes speak for themselves.
And boy, they did not speak, they SHOUTED.
Bravo to Chef and his staff

For those who have never been to A la Bouffe,
it is about time that you paid it a visit.
I had always thought the it was a fine dining establishment.
But looking at their regular menu, it offers a variety of dishes,
from sandwiches to signature dishes.

The table decorations were simple but elegant.

The evening was hosted by Neetlingshof wines.
This was the first wine of the evening,
and was served to arriving guests.

The bread was delicious
and I decided to have a second slice just to make certain.

The guests start arriving.
The room was not filled to capacity, however those who were there
enjoyed both the wine and the food.

Chris De Klerk was the "Wine Ambassador" for the evening.
From Cape Legends, his presenting style was humorous and informative.
I certainly learned a lot about the wines served and their history.

Caille, panais, artichaut, champignon sauvage.
Quail, parsnip, artichoke and wild mushrooms
This was paired with The Owl Post Pinotage by Neethlingshof.
Chris mentioned in his presentation that we should be more "adventurous"
in our eating habits.
This evening was to be an eye-opener for me.
I have never tried the majority of the elements of this dish
but I decided to be brave...and despite my apprehension,
I enjoyed every morsel

Kingklip poche, ailes de poulet, escargots, butternut courge.
Poached Kingklip,chicken wings, snails and butternut squash
Paired with a Neethlingshof Six Flowers
OMG, what a dish! I even ate the snails (a first for me)
The fish was perfectly poached and the chicken wings were crispy.
I want Roumuald to bottle the butternut squash and sell it.
It was smooth and "morish".
The combination may sound strange, but the dish works well as a whole.

Tatin d'ananas, glace a la vanille
Pineapple turnover and vanilla ice cream
And to compliment this dish...
Neetlingshof Gewurtztraminer
And finally...
The piece de resistance
Almost the hero of the evening (I think that the butternut squash pipped this)
The fact that it contained pineapple gave it acidity
 that prevented from being over sweet

Even though it was a "wine pairing" evening,
there was a fine range on Scotch on offer.

All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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