Sunday, May 1, 2016

Andy's Acoustic Forum. April, 2016

Time for an acoustic evening once again.
A new start time of 19h30 seemed to suit the audience
as winter is starting to make its presence felt.

With not much lighting to work with,
I had to try and look for alternative images.
This posting almost turned into images of shadows only.
Perhaps the venue could make certain that
all their lights are working before the next event?
And while I am feeling "grumpy"...

Why do certain members of the audience insist on chatting
LOUDLY during the performances?
I think that it is time that they are dealt with swiftly
and in no uncertain manner.
Totally disrespectful to the performers
and to the rest of the audience.
Right, enough of a rant...
on to the performers.

Andy likes to give newcomers an opportunity to perform.
Original songs only please...
If you are asked to perform an extra song
covers are really NOT acceptable.
(My personal opinion)

This young performer, Dianne Chapman acquitted herself well.
But she was put on the spot by the extra song.
Her backing guitarist was Rudi Massyn

She ended up doing an Adele cover,
and it was well received by the audience.
But I would like to have heard more of her own work

Darren Burts.
Another "new kid on the block"

His backing guitarist, Liz Vox,
joined in on some of the harmonies last...but not for very long.

This is what the evenings are all about.
great acoustic music

Liz gets a chance to perform on her own.
I believe that she will be performing at the April evening as well.

Ami, part of Margaret's Daughter.
One day I will ask her about the name of the duo

Etienne and Ami belting out their music.
I did enjoy their set.

Great use of the guitar as a percussion instrument.

One final original song before the "headline" act...

South Africa's favourite "Rock Chick"
The legendary Cindy Alter, just back from a trip to Nashville and LA.

As the final performer had not arrived,
Cindy was given free reign to extend her set.
And the audience was quick to show their approval.

Some old songs,
some new songs

And yes, she did do "Tightrope".

If only there was a South African Music Hall of Fame.
Cindy would be one of the first inductees!

Her new, customized,Crafters 12-string guitar
is probably one of the few of its kind in South Africa.
And, no, she did not put it in the hold when she flew to the USA.
It was carefully and safely placed in the crew locker in the cabin.

Thanks to Andrea for this.
Just to prove that I was actually working!

The next event will take place at Marks Park
on Wednesday,25th April.
Wrap up warm and please bring torches to aid with the lighting.

All the images on this posting were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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