Monday, May 30, 2016

Bellgables Cederberg Wine tasting.

Once again it was time to head back to Bellgables
 on a chilly autumn evening.
It has been a while since my wife and I had a meal here,
and we were interested to see what magic
Chef Patron Errol Gobey had created.

Guests were directed to the on-site art galley
where they could admire and/or purchase
some of the pieces on display.
We did not spend too much time here,
as the last time we did, we bought a piece.

Diners were served the first of the Cederberg offerings
at the art gallery.
Cederberg Blanc de Blancs Brut 2011

My wife, Carolyn, with Chef Patron Errol.
We always get a wonderful warm and friendly greeting from him,
as well as the rest of the staff
...especially (Amazing) Grace.

Not only do guests come here for the food.
They come for the visual "assault"...
And for first time diners, it certainly is.

Each glass represented a wine that we
would be served with our meal

Every table has different décor.
And although the objects on the tables might look random,
as a collective whole they certainly work.

We have eaten at this table twice before,
but this time it once again took our breath away.
The table could probably seat six or eight guests,
but it only have two place settings on this occasion.

This was the first time that I noticed the Bonsai trees.

Eggs and candles...
almost the Bellgables signature pieces.

Some might consider this to be Over the Top
decoration...but is it?
The surroundings certainly add a layer to the fine dining meal
that we were all salivating for.

I found this statue at the front door...
Offering a warm welcome to visitors

This "school" of "lucky" fish is one of the first displays
that guests notice on arrival.
I did try to make Errol an offer for the set,
but I was told, in no uncertain terms,
that they are not for sale.

Cederberg wine maker Dawid Niewoudt, who hosted the evening.
He kept it light and entertaining.
Not too much information, as diners wanted to taste and eat.
I did learn several facts from him.
Not least of which was to hold a wine glass by the stem.
Especially for white is all part of "wine etiquette"

This was the menu that was served...

Sweetcorn Vichysoisse.
Creamy fresh sweet corn, potato & leak soup.
Served with garlic croutons, chopped chives and a swirl of cream.
Not only was the soup delicious, but the dressing was edible as well.
This was to set the tone for the dishes that were about to follow
It was paired with...
Cederberg Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Salmon Trout Rose.
Salmon trout rose placed on a potato rosti & topped
with a lemon cream, chive, dill & cream topping.
This could have been the main course
as there was so much going on on the plate.
visually , for me. this was the best dish.
And it had plenty of "green" to go with it.
The paired wine was:
Cederberg Sustainable Rose 2015

Main course:
Fillet medallion.
Herb soaked fillet served medium rare,
placed on a pool of mashed potato and drizzled with
Cederberg Merlot/ Cabernet sauce.
The meat was served with seasonal vegetables on a skewer.
BIG YUM! I need say no more.
Since watching the most recent season of Masterchef Australia,
I have learned to eat my meat medium rare.
What a difference that makes to the taste.
Not only of the meat, but the dish as a whole.
Paired with:
Cederberg Merlot Shiraz 2014

And finally...
Apple crumble.
Baked apple flavoured with cinnamon, cloves and raisens.
Topped with a vanilla cream sauce
But this was no ordinary apple crumble.
No sir, this was the Bellgables Fine Dining Apple Crumble.
A dish to be savoured, one mouthful at a time.
It was accompanied by a home made ice cream and cream...
Decadence on a plate.
The final paired wine of the evening:
Cedeberg Bukettraube 2015.
This is an old styled German wine,
of which there only 66 hectares left world wide.
Cedeberg has 11 of those 66 under cultivation.

Entertainment, as always, was provided
by the dulcet tones of Annemarie Faca.

A quick coffee at the fire before heading off home.
Our thanks to Errol and his staff,
who once again made our evening so special.

To find out more about this wonderful fine dining restaurant
and when the next wine pairing will be,

All the images were shot on
a Canon SX60HS.

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